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What is a Green Tea Shot and Why You Need One

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Green tea shot have been all the rage in coffee shops lately, with some cafes offering them on their menus. But what exactly are they? And why would you want to drink one? Keep reading to learn more about green tea shots, and how they could benefit your health and well-being.

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What Is A Green Tea Shot?

A green tea shot combines antioxidant-rich matcha green tea, which has been shown to boost metabolism, with healthy fats from coconut milk. Plus, there’s no need for any dairy or sugar to make this recipe taste delicious—lemon juice delivers the necessary citrus flavor.

Green Tea Shot Recipe.

Green tea shots are an easy, refreshing way to get your green tea fix while on the go. If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or something to help boost your energy levels, this drink may be just what you’re looking for. With this recipe, it’s easy to whip up green tea shots that are perfect for any occasion!

  • At first take 1 cup of boiling water and bring your water to boil in a small pot over high heat.
  • Once it has reached the boiling point (about 190 degrees Fahrenheit), pour the water into one mug.
  • Add the teabag of choice, allow it to steep and then remove the bag when finished.

Green Tea Shots Ingredients.

A typical green tea shot recipe will include ingredients such as ginger root, fennel seed, fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, agave nectar (or honey), cayenne pepper (or black pepper), magnesium chloride powder (or sea salt), fresh ginger root pieces for garnish.

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Nutritional Value.

Green Tea Shot Nutritional Value
Green Tea Shot Nutritional Value

Health Benefits Of Green Tea Shots.

Green tea is good for you, but green tea shots are even better. Here’s why!

1. Anti-Aging.

Green tea is known for its anti-aging properties. It’s rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, which have been shown to fight aging and premature aging. Studies show that drinking green tea can help prevent oxidative stress from happening in the body, slowing down the aging process by fading wrinkles, reducing fine lines, reducing skin redness, improving the overall texture of your skin, improving elasticity, boosting collagen production and diminishing dark circles under eyes.(1)

2. Boosts Metabolism.

One of the benefits of green tea shots is that they can boost your metabolism. Consuming green tea in any form increases your calorie burn, which will lead to weight loss and a healthier body overall. Drinking green tea shots on a regular basis also speeds up the metabolism and helps you stay energized throughout the day.(2)

3. Reduces Stress.


Green tea shots are a great way to reduce stress. The amino acid L-theanine in green tea is believed to have a calming effect, which can help you feel more relaxed and focused. In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that people who consumed 200 mg per day (a little over one cup) had less anxiety, better concentration and improved mood. So next time you need to relax or focus on your work, try drinking green tea shot.(3)

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4. Helps With Weight Loss.

The benefits of green tea shots include weight loss, detoxification, and antioxidant power. Studies show that green tea extract can help accelerate fat oxidation and boost your metabolism by up to 100 calories a day. It is also an excellent source for fiber, which helps keep you fuller longer.(4)

5. Improves Mood.

A cup of green tea provides you with a small boost in energy and mental clarity, so it’s only natural that drinking it in liquid form would have the same effect. However, green tea shots provide you with an even more concentrated form of this traditional drink. Not only will you experience the benefits listed above, but your energy levels will be significantly increased and your mood will improve because green tea has been shown to help regulate emotions.(5)

6. Heals Depression.

Green tea contains high levels of the amino acid L-theanine, which is known to promote feelings of calmness. Green tea also contains caffeine, which helps increase alertness and decreases fatigue. A study has shown that drinking green tea can help reduce depressive symptoms in people with major depressive disorder.(6)

7. Relieves Fatigue and Constipation.

Green tea shots have been proven to relieve fatigue and constipation. This is because the amino acids in the drink act as natural stimulants in your body. It also has a diuretic effect which helps flush out toxins from your system.(7)

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8. Fights Cancer.

cancer cells
Cancer Cells

Green tea has been shown to help reduce the risk of cancer in a variety of ways. It is thought that green tea may help to lower the levels of IGF-1, which is a hormone that can promote cancer cell growth.

One study found that participants with high levels of IGF-1 had a reduced risk for cancers when they took green tea extract. Another study found that participants who took green tea extract on a daily basis had less DNA damage, which can lead to cancer.(8)

9. Reduces Menstrual Discomfort.

Drinking green tea can help reduce menstrual discomfort by soothing the stomach and uterus. One study has also shown that drinking three cups of green tea a day during your period can reduce menstrual cramping by up to 65%.(9)

10. Improves Vision.

Drinking green tea can help improve your vision. This is because it contains a substance called L-theanine, which the body converts into the neurotransmitter gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA has been shown to induce relaxation and improve blood flow to the brain, which can lead to improvements in vision.(10)

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How Many Calories In A Green Tea Shot?

A typical green tea shot will contain around 20-30 calories, 0 grams of sugar (unless it has honey), 1-2 grams of protein, 8-10 milligrams of caffeine, and 2-3 milligrams of L-theanine. It won’t give you the same buzz as coffee might, but it will keep your energy levels up without making you feel jittery or shakey.

2. How Can I Use A Green Tea Shot In My Daily Routine?

A green tea shot is an energy drink that has been fortified with green tea extract. Basically, it’s the same thing as any other energy drink except that it has green tea in it. A lot of people use them to get an extra boost of caffeine, but they can also be used to replace coffee in your daily routine if you’re sensitive to caffeine or don’t like the taste. Here are some ways you can use these shots:

  • In the morning as a pick-me-up before work or school.
  • Midday when you need an energy burst to power through your day.
  • Before exercise when you want more focus and endurance during your workout.
  • Afternoon boost to help combat fatigue from sitting at work all day.

Bottom Line.

Green tea is an amazing drink that not only tastes great, but also has a ton of benefits to your health. They’re highly concentrated and can pack twice as much polyphenols than regular brewed green tea.

It come in many different flavors like ginger lime or cranberry pomegranate. The best part is that you can buy them at pretty much any convenience store near you. So next time you’re feeling stressed or just want something refreshing, give these drinks a try.

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