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A Salted Nut Roll Shot Recipe

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How to make a salted nut roll shot drink? It’s pretty simple, actually! Check out the salted nut roll shot recipe below to see how it’s done and try making your own this holiday season! Enjoy!

What is a Salted Nut Roll Shot?

With a name like that, you might expect that it’s an alcoholic shot. But, no. A salted nut roll shot is a non-alcoholic beverage consisting of saltine crackers doused in sweet maple syrup and topped with peanuts or cashews. It is frequently served at breakfast alongside egg dishes. The fun thing about it? You can drizzle it over pancakes, waffles or even ice cream. Before you make your own batch, here are a few things to know…

How Do You Make A Homemade Salted Nut Roll Shot?

To make a salted nut roll shot, you’ll need a container of your favorite alcohol, some kind of sweetener (we recommend honey or simple syrup), almond extract and chopped nuts. A few drops of almond extract will help to lend some flavor to whatever liquor you use, but you can always leave it out for a more neutral taste. Once you have all of your ingredients, simply pour them into a small pitcher or measuring cup and give it a stir.

What Is In A Salted Nut Roll Shot?

A salted nut roll shot is a cocktail that is made with milk, vanilla vodka, caramel syrup and pecans. To make one of these delicious shots at home all you need to do is mix all of those ingredients together in a glass and pour it into shot glasses! What results is a sweet treat that tastes just like candy and will have you coming back for more each time. A delicious drink when served cold. This drink can be ordered at any bar that serves food.

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What Does A Salted Nut Roll Shot Taste Like?

A salted nut roll shot is an alcoholic mixed drink that tastes like a cross between a sweet roll and a cocktail. A typical salted nut roll shot is made from ice cream vodka, hazelnut liqueur, crème de cacao, and a touch of Baileys Irish Cream. The exact amount of each ingredient varies by recipe.

How to Make the Salted Nut Roll Shot?

If you’re looking to do something different this weekend, try out our favorite peanut butter whiskey shot, the salted nut roll shot! This shot is so popular that it has its own Wikipedia page, and we totally understand why: it’s the perfect combination of smooth peanut butter and sweet chocolate with just enough sweetness to cut through the savory roasted peanuts on top. It’s also incredibly easy to make, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for an alternative to your standard whiskey shots or even something to impress friends with during your next party! Here’s how to make it!

Salted Nut Roll Shot
Salted Nut Roll Shot, Image Source: Salted Nut Roll Shot Recipe

Ingredients You Need.

1 oz. whiskey, 1/2 oz. peanut butter liqueur, 1/4 oz. hazelnut liqueur, 1 tsp. salted caramel, chocolate sauce, crushed peanuts, and a dash of sea salt. Instructions (five sentences):

1) Combine and mix all ingredients in a shaker/blender filled with ice.

2) Shake well and strain into a shot glass.

3) Garnish with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and crushed peanuts.

4) Add a dash of sea salt on top.

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Instructions On How To Make It.

1. In a shaker, combine 1 ounce of whiskey, 1 ounce of heavy cream, and 1 ounce of peanut butter.

2. Shake until the ingredients are well combined.

3. Rim a shot glass with chocolate syrup.

4. Pour the shot into the glass.

5. Garnish with a mini salted nut roll on top.

6. Serve immediately and enjoy!

7. Repeat as necessary (we won’t judge).


A salted nut roll shot is a peanut butter whiskey shot that is perfect for peanut butter fanboys and fangirls. To make this delicious shot, simply combine one part peanut butter whiskey with one part Irish cream in a shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a shot glass. Rim the glass with chocolate syrup and crushed peanuts. Enjoy!

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  1. Baileys Irish Cream;



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