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What Are The Health Benefits And Side Effects of Beer?

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The incomplete knowledge of anything keeps us away from its benefits. We just keep looking at his loss and ignore the qualities. Similar we have also incomplete information about beer. Beer can be beneficial for our health as well as skin and hair. There is no denying that alcohol is harmful to health, but in some cases it can be useful. According to research, consuming only 350 ml of beer per day can be beneficial for health.(1) So, in this article we will talk about the health benefits and side effects of using beer in limited quantities.

What Is Beer And How It Is Formed?

Consumption of beer has increased tremendously. There are many types of beer, but they are mainly made from barley and fruits.

You must have heard the name of fermentation? Just by resorting to the same, a mix juice of fruits and barley is prepared first. Then Alcohol is added to it. Alcohol content is fixed, a small amount of Alcohol is added to the beer.

Beer usually contains 7 to 10% alcohol which is much lower than alcohol. That’s why drinking beer doesn’t have so many disadvantages. It is made in a very safe manner.

What Are The Health Benefits and Side Effects of Beer?

Let’s come back to your real issue, that is, try to find out what are the health benefits apart from side effects of drinking Beer. One thing we’ll tell you in advance is that, we’re not promote beer, just for your information we’re telling you the health benefits and side effects of beer.

It depends upon your thinking how you take it. We don’t want anyone to start drinking beer after reading this article. It is very important to act at your own discretion.

Some people believe beer is also a kind of wine. While there is another section that thinks beer is not Wine, it is just like a Cold Drink that contains just a little Alcohol.

We’re going to tell you all this just to increase your knowledge. Using it or not depends entirely on your will. So let’s start and know the health benefits of beer.

Beer has many properties that can be beneficial for our health. Here we are explaining what are the health benefits and side effects of beer?

Health Benefits of Beer.

  1. Keep The Brain Healthy.
  2. Vitamin B.
  3. Healthy Heart.
  4. Beer for Kidney
  5. Strengthen Bones.
  6. Promote Your Mental Health.
  7. Reduce The Risk of Cancer.
  8. Diabetes.
  9. Stimulate Weight Gain.
  10. Increase Your Libido.
  11. Central Nervous System.
  12. For a Long And Healthy Lifestyle.
  13. Improve Bowel Movement.
  14. Control Blood Pressure.
  15. Cholesterol.
  16. Prevent Alzheimer’s.
  17. Skin.
  18. Promote Hair Growth.

Keep The Brain Healthy.

We all know that with aging, the efficiency of brain begins to decrease, which can also affect memory. Beer contains compounds called silicon and hops, which can prevent brain disorders.


Therefore, consumption of beer in fixed quantities can remove memory problems and the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s.(2) Also, vitamin B found in it can help to keep the brain healthy.(3), (4)

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Vitamin B.

Beer is also beneficial for your health that it contains vitamin B. Vitamin B is beneficial for your health. It is important for metabolism.

Sepsis Benefits and side effects of Beer
Red Blood Cells

It also helps in creating red blood cells and keep the central nervous system healthy. In addition, it is also beneficial for a healthy brain. Keep in mind that, you have to take a limited amount of beer.

Healthy Heart.

Limited consumption of beer due to alcohol can be beneficial for the heart and blood vessels. According to scientific evidence, consuming 15-30 grams of alcohol daily can reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality by 25 per cent.


In addition, consumption of beer can also reduce the risk of blood clotting.(5)

Beer for Kidney.

Nowadays, the problem of appendicitis has become common, it is a very painful disease. Sometimes even expensive medicines don’t work on it. But beer can help you with that too.


Beer is considered to be the best diuretic.(6) Consuming it in limited quantities can beneficial for the kidneys. It can easily flush out kidney stones through urine.(7) You can use it on the advice of the doctor to remove the kidney stone.

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Strengthen Bones.

Intake limited amount of beer can strengthen your bones. In fact, beer contains a good amount of a compound called silicon.(8) Silicon helps in strengthening bones by removing their problems.

knee Benefits and side effects of Beer
Strengthen Bones

Its intake can also remove bone weakness.(9) At present, more research is required on this.

Promote Mental Health.

If you use a small amount of beer, it will also be beneficial for your mind. In today’s stressful life, the mind is not getting any rest at all.

According to Studies, Beer increases the level of Dopamine hormone in your brain and reduce your stress. Your mood stays right and you can positively handle problems.

Reduce The Risk of Cancer.

It is not that consumption of beer always causes harm. Consuming less beer can also provide medicinal properties.

cancer cells
Cancer Cells

It has many properties that can reduce the risk of colon cancer and prostate cancer.(10)


You will be surprised to know that, consuming less amount of beer can control your diabetes as it contains some amount of alcohol. Consuming less beer maintains the glucose levels present in your blood.

diabetes insulin

This can control growing diabetes, but keep in mind that drinking too much beer can further complicate the diabetes condition.(11)

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Stimulate Weight Gain.

Beer can prove to be a special drink for the people who are very thin and unable to gain weight. It’s true that if you drink beer in a limited quantity, it increases your appetite. Calories of other food and beer can support positive weight gain.

Increase Your Libido.

Drinking limited amounts of beer can also improve your sexual health. That means beer can also act as a sexual Tonic for you. It is true that beer also increased your Libido.

Some people may not know the meaning of Libido, let us tell them that it means sexual desire. Beer increases your sexual desire that improves your performance, but it will happen only if you use it in limit quantity.

Central Nervous System.

Our Nervous System is a very important organ. The situation becomes very complex if there is any problem. Consuming too much alcohol can make it very weak or dead.

But if you use a small amount of beer, it’s good for your Nervous System. Your nervous system is responsible for overall health. The stronger you’re Nervous System, the Relaxed and Confident you will be.

For a Long And Healthy Lifestyle.

Consuming a limited amount of beer can be beneficial for your health and long life. It helps in protecting you from a variety of diseases as well as curing lipid metabolism and reduce cardiovascular risk. In addition, it can be effective in controlling obesity and diabetes, which is essential for a long life and a healthy lifestyle besides removing oxidative stress.(12)

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Improve Bowel Movement.

Drinking beer can also give you digestive benefits. The biggest advantage is that, it can relieve your stomach problems such as constipation and stomach cleansing.

Beer can provide you relief from constipation. Drinking beer cleanses your stomach completely and brings out the dirt with urine.

Control Blood Pressure.

Did you know that beer intake can control your blood pressure? Yes, consuming a small amount of beer can be effective in controlling your blood pressure.

Blood Pressure

The compound called polyphenolic found in it can help in controlling blood pressure.(13)


Beer can increase your good cholesterol level. The alcohol found in it and polyphenolics help in increasing good cholesterol by reducing the harmful cholesterol present in the blood. Also prevent blood clotting.

Prevent Alzheimer’s.

Beer plays an important role in dealing with many brain problems. It contains compounds like silicon and hops, which can help to prevent brain disorders and Alzheimer’s. It reduces the risk of many diseases including neurodegenerative disorders (damaging the central nervous system).


Beer can be very beneficial for your skin.

skin What Are The Health Benefits And Side Effects of Beer

The hops and yeast present in it can be beneficial for skin health and healing of wounds.(14)

Promote Hair Growth.

You can also use beer for hair growth. It contains good amounts of vitamin B. Vitamin B is essential for the formation of red blood cells that transport oxygen to the body, including hair.

hair What Are The Health Benefits And Side Effects of Beer

Without proper blood flow and oxygen hair growth slows down a lot.

*Note:  FreakToFit does not support drinking beer for physical problems in any way.

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How To Drink Beer?

About 350 ml of beer contains up to 5 per cent alcohol. You can consume it up to 350 ml per day. You can mix it with fruit juice and consume it.

It is not that beer is always beneficial. Consuming too much of it can be harmful for you.

Side Effects of Beer.

You all know that beer also contains alcohol, even if it is less in quantity. Alcohol is not truly considered right for our body. However, apart from the health benefits, it has also many side effects, let’s take a look.

  • Only a limited amount of beer can be beneficial for you. On the other hand, excessive drinking can lead to many side effects rather than health benefits, which are as follows:
  • Beer contains alcohol. Drinking too much beer can cause more alcohol to reach the body and affect brain function, you can go into a coma and even die in a serious case.(15)
  • Consuming alcohol in the form of beer in large quantities can also make you at risk of diabetes.(16)
  • Consumption of alcohol as beer in pregnancy can cause mental and physical harm to the pregnant women and fetus. These include heart disease, problems in thinking and speaking, poor muscles and facial size changes.(17)
  • Consuming more beer can increase the risk of cancer, stroke and liver problems.(18)
  • Drinking beer can be very deadly for your Liver. If you use it in a limited amount, it’s okay otherwise, it can dilute the condition of your liver.
  • If a person who drinks more than 3 beers every day, there is too much chances that he gets throat cancer. Beer is notorious for throat cancer, so use it little carefully. Drinking for years in a row can do so.
  • Drinking beer causes you heartburn and gallbladder growth. If someone already have such problems they should avoid to drink beer.
  • Consumption of too much beer is also harmful to your mind. It slows down the process of blood reaching to the brain, reducing your thinking power and putting you in trouble by making wrong decisions. Drinking too much continuously can make this problem permanent and blunt your brain edge.
  • Drinking beer can destroy your Nervous System. Which is the most important thing for us. The situation remains under control until you drink in the limit quantity. But when you go beyond the limits, it begins to numb your nervous system a little too much. When this happens every day, Nervous System becomes very weak and is unable to do its job properly.

Bottom Line.

You read in the article that a limited amount of beer can be beneficial and has many health benefits, on the other hand, if consumed in large quantities, it has many side effects.

Doctors can also recommend taking beer in fixed quantities as medicine. On the other hand, doctors never recommend consuming beer to people who do not consume beer.

There are also many non-alcoholic and natural beverages that can be a better option than beer. At the end of the article we will once again say that FreakToFit does not support consumption of any alcoholic beverage.

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