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Benefits of Kokum Juice

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Different types of fruits are found in India. Some are well-known, unwitting. One such unknown fruit is ‘Kokum’. Kokum is considered to be a medicinal fruit. It looks like an apple. This fruit has been used as medicinal and spices from several years. So, in this article we will give you information about Kokum juice, its health benefits and side effects.

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The scientific name of the Kokum fruit is Garcinia Indica. This juice not only helps you to stay healthy but can also help to overcome various health problems.

Benefits of Kokum Juice.

The benefits of kokum juice are as follows:

1. For Cardiovascular Health.


Kokum fruit is effective to prevent cardiovascular diseases. According to a scientific research, Kokum fruit contains nutrients such as B-complex vitamins, potassium, manganese and magnesium. All these properties can help to control heart rate and blood pressure.

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It also provide beneficial effects in reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease. In addition, it also contains cardioprotective properties.(1) On the advice of the doctor, it can be included in the diet.

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2. For Diarrhea.


The kokum fruit or its juice is found to have anti-diarrhea properties, which is effective in the problem of diarrhea. In this situation, the juice of the kokum fruit can be fed to a person suffering from diarrhea.

3. To Prevent Tumors.

Kokum fruit or juice can also actively show its properties to avoid tumors. In fact, anti-tumor activity is found in the Kokum fruit, which proved to be useful in the risk of tumors.

In addition, tests carried out on mice have found that its intake can help to heal tumors that occur above the skin. Of course, the results have been found to be good in the test carried out on mice, yet use it only on the advice of the doctor.

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4. As Anti-fungal and Anti-oxidant.

Kokum fruit and juice contains both anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties.(2) A study conducted on mice found that the effect of ulcers can be reduced somewhat with the help of anti-fungal properties present in the Kokum fruit juice.(3)

The kokum fruit can also be used as an anti-oxidant. In fact, phytonutrients called Anthocyanins are found in Kokum, which have active anti-oxidant properties. The anti-oxidant properties present in it can help to protect the skin from free-radicals.(4) Therefore, this fruit or juice can be consumed in the morning as per medical advice.

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5. For stomach gas.

Most people are suffering from gas, consuming Kokum juice can eliminate the discomfort of such people. It can also cure the problem of gas along with many other digestive problems, such as flatulence, constipation and indigestion, etc.

In addition, Kokum is effective in keeping body temperature cool, so use of Kokum juice in summer can be beneficial. It can reduce acidity and also keep the body hydrate. However, more scientific evidence on how Kokum can be beneficial in all these problems is still going on.

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6. For Liver Health.


This fruit juice is also beneficial for a healthy liver. According to a scientific research, Kokum fruit contains various bioactive compounds such as Garcinol, which can act as antioxidant, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties.

These properties can help to keep the liver healthy and protect them from cancer.(5) In such a situation, consult with the doctor and also take information about medical treatment.

A medical research published on the website of NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information) also states that the use of Kokum fruit can effective to eliminate liver disorders.(6)

7. In case of Hemorrhoids.

Kokum is also effective to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, as it contains anti-piles properties. To avoid this disorder, the leaves of this fruit, peels and cocoa trees can also be used as juices.

At present, there is a need for more medical research in this regard. Also, medical treatment is necessary in the serious condition of hemorrhoids.

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8. Burns.

Kokum fruit is also beneficial in case of burns. In such cases, the Kokum fruit can be used as an Ayurvedic medicine. For this, you can mix the fruit pulp with yogurt and apply it on the affected place. If the burning condition is more serious, medical treatment must be done without delay.

9. For Skin Irritation.

The benefits of kokum can also be seen for the treatment of inflammable skin. Using the Kokum fruit as juice can help to reduce skin irritation and prevent skin damage due to sun and other causes.

Kokum is also used in cosmetic industry, Kokum butter is used in foot creams. While scientific research is still going on, therefore it can be consumed after consulting a doctor.

*Note:   The benefits of Kokum are not limited to this. However, Kokum contains hydroxy citric acid (HCA). It can be consumed not only as a fat burning agent for weight loss, but it can also help to reduce cholesterol and anxiety problems.

How to Use Kokum?

Kokum fruit can be used as follows;

  • After washing the fruit, it can be eaten like other fruits by removing the upper peel.
  • Kokum fruit juices can be used to drink.
  • It can also be used as a smoothie.
  • It can be used for drinking by making a sherbet.
  • Kokum can be used as a fruit salad.
  • Kokum can also be used as a flavouring agent to enhance the taste of food. It can be used in Dal, Sambhar and vegetable.
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When to eat?

The fruit can be eaten after breakfast in the morning.

Can use it as a juice in summer. It can be beneficial to relieve the problem of gas, as well as to give a coolness effect. It can also be consumed after the meal.

How much to eat?

1-3 fruits is enough throughout the day, but consult a dietitian to know the exact amount of its intake according to your body type.

Side Effects of Kokum.

However, there are no major side effects of this fruit, but still use it in limited quantities. Here are some of the common side effects of eating a large amount of kokum fruit;

  • People who have any skin allergies must take the doctor’s advice before consuming it.
  • If someone is undergoing from a treatment of serious illness, use it only on the advice of the doctor, otherwise it can also reduce the effect of treatment.

Bottom Line.

In this article, you have known benefits of kokum juice. However, there may be some disadvantages for which caution must be exercised. Wash it thoroughly before consuming it.

Note that, if you face any kind of health problems or some other symptoms during its intake, stop using it. Start using it only after medical consultation. If you want to know something else about the fruit, you can send your questions to us through contact us section. We will be awaiting for your response.

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