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What Does Prunes Juice Taste Like?

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Prunes are counted as one of the healthy fruits. It is not only delicious but also considered as beneficial for the health. Prunes juice also effective in many diseases. That’s why in this article, we’re going to explain what does prunes juice taste like and health benefits of prunes juice.

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However, keep in mind that its consumption can prevent the effects of diseases but it is not a cure of any disease.

What Does Prunes Juice Taste Like?

Taste of prunes juice is sweet and thick. Its taste is alike of purple grapes and does not have appealing colour like other juices. In some cases it appears like dingy purple or brownish tinge.

Health Benefits of Prunes Juice.

1. Benefits of Prunes Juice for Hypertension.


Prunes juice is effective to control high blood pressure. According to experts, regular consumption of prunes or prunes juice can help to reduce high blood pressure.(1),(2) Prunes juice contains sodium and potassium which help to control high blood pressure.(3)

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2. Cancer.

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Cancer Cells

Prunes contain antioxidant properties which are beneficial to reduce the risk of cancer. .(4) Drinking prunes juice can reduce the risk of cancer to some extent. However, if someone is suffering from cancer, he or she should consult a doctor immediately for proper medical treatment.

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3. Benefits of Prunes Juice for Constipation.

Prunes are also provide relieve from constipation. It contains fiber and fructose which provide relief from constipation. Those who do not like to eat prunes can consume prunes juice.


However, it should be noted that prunes juice is less in fibre than whole prunes.(5) So, in case of constipation, consumption of both prunes juice and fruits will be effective.

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4. Prunes Juice for Liver.

Prunes juice is also effective for liver. A research published on the website of NCBI (The National Center for Biotechnology Information) has proved the benefits of drinking prunes or prunes juice in hepatitis (liver disease).

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In this case, it can be inferred that prunes juice only prevent the risk of liver problem.(6) However, it still requires more research.

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5. Prunes Juice for Children.

Prunes juice can help to reduce the risk of constipation in children. It contains sorbitol (a type of carbohydrate), which can be beneficial for such problems.

Iron rich foods for kids What Does Prunes Juice Taste Like

But keep in mind that excessive consumption of this juice can also lead to diarrhea.(7) Also, make sure that children under 6 months of age should avoid prunes juice.(8) In addition to constipation, more research is needed on how prunes juice can be beneficial for children.

6. Benefits of Prunes Juice for Bones.


Prunes juice can also be consumed to keep bones healthy. Prunes contains calcium.(9) Calcium is very essential to keep the bones healthy. In fact, calcium provide strength to the bones and prevents the risk of osteoporosis and other bone related problems such as bone disease and fractures.(10),(11)

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7. Prunes Juice During Pregnancy.

Many health consultants suggest that prunes juice as a healthy juice for pregnant women. It can be consumed especially for constipation during pregnancy. During this period, this natural drink promote intestinal health.

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Nutrition During Pregnancy

This can also help to prevent hemorrhoids and other related problems. Since prunes are enrich with many other nutrients, it can be beneficial for women during pregnancy. However, too much consumption of prunes juice during this period can cause some problems in women.

Because this beverage has laxative properties. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor before consumption.

8. Appetite.

Prunes juice contains high amounts of nutrients and minerals. It also helps to increase the level of leptin during regular intake. Leptin is a protein produced by fatty tissues. It is a hormone that indicates the brain that the stomach is full.

In addition, the fibers present in prunes juice also help in suppressing appetite. So consuming prunes juice can also help to reduce obesity. So, it is a very effective medicine for those who want to lose weight.(12)

9. Metabolism.

Regular consumption of prunes juice help to boost metabolism. It contains good amount of vitamin B, which helps to boost metabolic. Proper metabolic system can help to regulate enzyme and hormone production.

This increases the ability to reduce birth defects and strengthen the immune system. Consuming prunes juice can be beneficial for people who have a weak metabolism.

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10. Iron.

Juice made with fresh prunes contain high amounts of iron. This mineral play an important role to the production of red blood cells. Regular consumption of prunes juice can help to improve blood circulation.

This leads to adequate oxygen and nutrient flow to all parts of the body. So you can use prunes juice as an option to maintain overall physical health.(13)

How to Drink Prunes juice?

Prunes juice can be consumed like normal juice. You may add two or three ice cubes to a cup of prunes juice and make it more refreshing. However, the exact amount may depend on age. Therefore, please contact the dietitian for information related to its intake.

How To Make Prunes Juice?

To make juice, at first remove dried prunes peels and seeds. Then boil the water and let the prunes soak overnight in the hot water. After 12 to 15 hours, take them out of the water and blend them.

Then add water to the mixture. You can add lemon juice to this drink to make it more smooth. Your prunes juice is ready. You may keep it in the refrigerator to cool down and taste it after a while.

In addition to prunes juice, you can also mix cranberries and mangoes to make prunes juice smoothies. It is not only tasty but also beneficial for the intestines.

Disadvantages of Prunes Juice.

If prunes juice is not consumed properly, there may be disadvantages of prunes juice;

  • Prunes juice can cause stomach problems such as diarrhea as prune juice can be considered as laxative. However, there is no scientific evidence of this.
  • Those with food allergies may be allergic to prunes juice.

*Note:  More researches are required to find out the disadvantages of prunes juice. Therefore, it is advice to consume it in a balanced quantity.

Bottom Line.

Hope you will include it in your diet after knowing the healthy properties of prunes juice. Apart from that, now you also came to know what does prunes juice taste like. However, take a balanced amount of prunes juice as it also have some side effects.

Once again keep in mind that it is not a cure of any disease. Its consumption can definitely play an effective role to prevent the above mentioned health problems.

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