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Is Broasted Chicken Healthy

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There are countless ways to prepare chicken, but no one is as delicious as frying. A restaurant who know this unique process, as well as which equipment need to be use to make it, is able to offer this delicious chicken to its customers every day. Once you understand the method of cooking, you will enjoy this dish even more if you know the nutritional information behind it. So, lets find out Is Broasted Chicken Healthy?

What is Broasted Chicken?

While most people think of roasting as a normal cooking process, it is actually a specific method developed by the Broaster company. Only in places like in a commercial kitchen that uses pressure fryers from the Broaster company you can find real broasted chicken.

Broasted chicken is still fried, but the biggest difference between frying and broasting is that the cooking process in an enclosed environment. This distinction prevents oil from leaking out and chicken juice to remain intact. When proper marinated and seasoning are added, you wind up with moist, delicious chicken.

Nutrition of Broasted Chicken.

Whether it is breast or wing, everyone has their own favourite part of chicken to eat. Nutritional information will vary depending on which part you like to eat. Even if, roast chicken is an incredible source of protein with 0 grams of trans fat.

Broasted Chicken
Broasted Chicken

One of the most popular part of chicken is the breast, which contains 43 grams of protein per piece when roasted. Small cuts are also filled with protein at 14-24 grams from the wing to the thigh. Despite the cut, carbs fall in 6 grams or less per piece.

Since the sizes of each chicken part are different, the calorie content per piece varies widely. Broasted chicken calories are distributed accordingly by size:

  • Breast – 329 calories.
  • Thigh – 298 calories.
  • Wing – 169 Cal.
  • Leg – 160 calories.

Chicken breast is a fairly large piece of meat, so it may be possible that you will eat only one piece per serving, while small cuts like legs or wings may require two or three pieces to feel satisfied.

Although the breast is quite large, it cannot contain extra fat as it is mostly lean meat. Thigh is a thick piece of chicken and contains about 17 grams of fat per piece, but this excess fat often results in a juicy piece of meat.

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Benefits of Broasted Chicken.

The biggest benefits of this process is low oil consumption. Pressurized method prevents chicken from absorbing excess oil, thereby improving the taste. Natural chicken juices that taste chicken more delicious.

To improve the taste of chicken, less oil absorption leaves more oil in the brochure for the next batch. This means restaurants using the process waste less oil.

Another important advantage of preparing chicken in this way is it tastes good. Pressurized fryer creates a balanced cooking environment that is free from hot spots. With these conditions, the chicken is able to cook more evenly, so that each bite is as juicy and tasty as it is.

The Difference.

You won’t believe the difference when you taste traditionally fried chicken vs roast chicken. It is more delicious, juicy and delicious all the way. Not every restaurant can deliver on this quality, so it is important to find restaurant that use the process.

If you are interested in sampling some mouth-watering roasted chicken, you can get a satisfying meal in one of the boss’s pizza and chicken places. Once you have tasted, you won’t want to eat chicken in any other form because Broasted chicken is very healthy.

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