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Amazing Lazulitini : A Most Unique Cocktail

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The idea of cocktails has been going on for centuries. From the first few Scots by the use of malt and bitter to make whiskey in recent years, cocktails for consuming alcohol are widely appreciated. But that doesn’t mean everyone knows what cocktails are, or how to make. Or, maybe you’ve made one before, but are now looking for the best cocktail recipe books. Unless you enjoy going to the new bar or have not worked for one, cocktails can be a new concept for you. However, today we will tell you a most unique cocktail called Lazulitini.

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Among the fall cocktails, winter cocktails and all kinds of seasonal drinks, there is a lot to explore. Keep reading this post to learn the basics about cocktails, as well as general recipes.

What Is A Cocktail?

Cocktails are any beverage, appetizer, or horse d’oeuvres that are made from two or more ingredients. Liquid cocktails usually contain at least one kind of alcohol and food cocktails are usually that are served cold.

The word cocktail comes from the Creole apothecary Antoine Peychaud and the drink he used to serve in New Orleans. In the mid-1800s, Peychaud served mixed brandy drinks in a French eggcup.

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The French version of the word eggcup is the coquetier, which was shortened to “cocktay” by Peychaud’s customers. Over time, the term was further Americanized until it became a “cocktail” and this version has been stuck ever since. Based on this, the word cocktail itself refers to both the drink and the glass in which it is served.

What Is A Cocktail Drink?

A cocktail drink is a beverage mixed with at least two ingredients and is usually alcohol-based. Cocktails usually contain basic wine like vodka or gin, and come with other flavored ingredients such as fruit juices.

Some drinks are simple and contain only two liquid elements. Other cocktails are more complex, including base wine, several fruit juices, spices, and a garnish. Nevertheless, other drinks contain elements such as dairy, such as eggnog or chocolatini.

Popular cocktails include old-fashioned, Margaritas, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary and Manhattan. These drinks range from sour to sweet, as well as from crispy to smooth. Some cocktails use a bitter recipe while others are served only with recipe ingredients.

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What Are The Components of The Cocktail.

These are the main components for preparing the cocktail:

1. Base.

The major alcoholic beverage used in the cocktails is called base, which is usually a spirit. Most cocktails are made from spirits. If there are two or more alcoholic drinks in the cocktail, the amount of the base will generally be higher than the other.

If two alcoholic beverages are used in equal quantities, let’s say that alcohol and spirit, then one with high alcoholic strength, i.e. spirit and the other is considered to be the base.

Most cocktails have a measurement of the major alcoholic beverage and the size of the measurement will depend on the policy of the establishment.

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2. Modifier.

These are complementary elements of the added cocktail to modify or enhance the flavor. Spirit, aromatic wines, beer, liquor, fresh fruit juices, sodas, eggs, creams, water, etc. are used as modifiers.

Modifiers are very necessary for all types of mixed drinks. Without the inclusion of the modifier, one can say not a mixed drink but a straight drink. The modifier made each drink different from other drinks with the same base.

Some highly aromatic ingredients and their volume used in the preparation mask the taste of the base alcohol content. Such drinks are often preferred by people who do not like the smell or taste of the soul or do not want others to know that they are drinking alcohol.

For example – in Bloody Mary, the taste and smell of tomato juice dominates the appearance of base vodka.

3. Garnish.

Many drinks contain standardized garnishes. They are part of the product. The names of some cocktails are changed according to garnish.

For example- if you decorate the martini with pearl onions instead of olives, it becomes Gibson. Olive, cherry, orange, and spirals of lemon peel, lemon wheels, lemon pieces, pearl onions, etc. are commonly used garnishes.

Basically, cocktails are either sweet or dry and acidic. In general, all sweet cocktails are decorated with cherries and dried cocktails are decorated with slices of olives or lemons.

It should be remembered that some drinks do not contain any standard garnishes and it is advisable serve the drink without garnish, rather than spoiling the actual taste and value of the drink.

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What is Lazulitini?

Now, coming into this drink it can be said that, Lazulitini is now trending high among the cocktails in India. It is available in the Bangalore, India at Bar cum Restaurant named Gatsby.

Lazulitini, Video Source: Tried the most unique cocktail in a new Bangalore pub!

Recipe of Lazulitini.

  • Cranberry.
  • Martini.
  • Cranberry Juice.
  • Ice.


  • To make Lazulitini, take a glass and crush some cranberries inside it.
  • Add ice.
  • Add a shot of martini.
  • Pour ½ cup of cranberry juice.
  • Mix it well and your Lazulitini is ready to serve.

So, what are you waiting for. Just go, and grab a glass of this unique cocktail at Gatsby, Bangalore and enjoy it.

Bottom Line.

Cocktails are drinks mixed with one or more alcoholic beverages and mocktails do not contain any alcoholic beverages. Mocktails are popular among teetotallers.

The size of the cocktail should be between 4 oz and anything greater than this size will be called a long drink or a mixed drink. Most cocktails are made from spirits. There are thousands of recipes, each of which has different modifiers and flavor-enhancing agents.

As awareness of the effect of alcohol is increasing, the proportion of ingredients in classic cocktail recipes is changing.

Earlier cocktails used to have a high amount of alcohol but today consumers prefer a long drink with a small amount of alcohol. A well-stocked bar has a good amount of classic cocktails & mocktails.

+1 Source

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