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5 Must-Know Tips for Traveling with Glasses

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Everyone needs extra planning to travel with glasses because when you’re traveling far from home, the last thing you don’t want is to have poor eyesight or, worse, no glasses at all. 

It’s not always easy to change your prescription or obtain a replacement while on the go. You can travel with your glasses worry-free with a little advance planning. As such, it can be thought of as a travel pack for your glasses, complete with all the necessary extras, backups, and care that you may need while traveling.

In this article, we will discuss 5 must-have tips for your specialized glasses, such as Ban-Ray sunglasses, while traveling to help you relax about your eyesight and enjoy your journey peacefully. 

Tips for Traveling with Glasses.

Below are the 5 top tips to keep glasses safe when you’re traveling. It also gives you surety that you’ve options in place when there’s an emergency, or you lose one pair of glasses!

1. Hardcase it!

Keeping your glasses safe during travel requires a sturdy case. If not protected, baggage, drops, and crowded environments can bend frames, scratch lenses, and break hinges.

Hard cases come in several forms. You can have:

  • Plastic cases that click close and protect.
  • Premium hard cases that offer leather or cushioned exteriors and plush linings. 
  • Slim, compact hard cases that fit in pockets and small bags easily. 

We recommend selecting a hard case that is sturdy and fits your Polaroid sunglasses like a pro. Just make sure the latch is tight. It is important to know that bigger cases can damage glasses by sliding. So, putting your glasses in and shaking the case should keep them still.

Furthermore, consider a plastic, aluminum, or leather hard case. Clothing and vinyl aren’t protective. 

To avoid scratches, get a padded case. Foam, flocking, or soft cloth work best.

2. Clean Glasses Regularly.

Your glasses can collect dust, debris, and smudges during the day, impairing your vision. 

Maintaining clear eyesight while traveling requires regular glass cleaning.

Use lukewarm water and a splash of dish soap to clean glasses best. Rub both sides of the lenses with your fingertips, rinse well, then dry with a soft microfiber cloth. Do not use tissues or material that could scratch lenses.

Carry lens wipes or a small spray bottle of lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth for on-the-go cleaning. Spray a little cleaning on the cloth and wipe both sides of the lenses. Try your shirt or jacket, but be careful not to scratch the lenses.

At least clean your glasses in the morning and evening. If spilled or exposed to dust, clean them immediately. Keeping your glasses clean will give you good eyesight while traveling, and it’s very very important!

3. Consider UV Rays.

Protecting against UV radiation while traveling is what we all should take care of. UV rays from the sun can harm your eyes, eyeglass lenses, and even frames.

High-energy UV rays can penetrate your glasses’ lens material and optics. Radiation can erode coatings, discolor lenses, and weaken frames. Long-term UV exposure can chemically modify lens material, causing clouding, haziness, or distortion.

Sunglasses and prescription glasses are two of the greatest UV protections for eyes. There are special UV-filtering lenses fitted in sunglasses. This prevents eyesight loss and lens damage. Choose 100% UV-protected eyewear.

Schedule outside activities in the morning and evening to reduce UV exposure for your eyes and glasses. Sunlight is highest during midday, therefore, avoid 10am-2pm to avoid UV damage.

4. Bring a Backup Pair.

What if we tell you a trick to be smart on your trips? Pack a backup pair of glasses, as they can easily get misplaced or broken when traveling. 

Having a spare pair ensures clear vision if your main pair breaks.

Also, traveling with a backup pair is a wise act. Even with extreme caution, accidents can happen. You could lose your glasses on a rollercoaster or from a table. You may sit on them or lose them in your purse. Children often drop or lose glasses.

When you know you have a spare set, it can give you peace of mind when you need to see or replace your glasses.

5. Get Eye Exam Before You Go.

To verify your vision prescription is current, get an eye test before traveling. Even if your glasses work, your eyesight may have changed without you noticing. Minor vision impairments like straining to read signs, maps, and menus can become apparent while traveling.

Get a thorough eye exam before a long vacation. Your eye doctor will check for vision prescription changes, infections, dry eye, and retina abnormalities. They can recommend eyecare for your vacation spot. 

For instance, they may recommend sunglasses in bright, sunny conditions. In some cases, eye drops may also be recommended for long overseas flights to reduce dryness.

Bottom Line.

If you plan ahead, traveling with glasses can be simple and stress-free.

Follow these tips to make sure you can see clearly and move without stress.

Bring a hard case for your glasses, clean them often, think about UV rays, bring an extra pair, and see an eye doctor before you go.

Remember these tips discussed in the guide, and you won’t have to worry about your eyes while you travel!




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