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10 Study Tips for ADHD College Students

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Although the world today is more aware of how people with ADHD function and what conditions make them more productive, the academic environment is still pretty much a military field for many students who have ADHD. So, we have written this list with not so common suggestions for college students with a tendency to be either overexcited, low on energy, or have executive dysfunction.

With some of these tips used, you’re sure to be ready for your next study session and be closer to a position of a top learner.

10 Study Tips for ADHD College Students.

Following are the most recommended study tips for ADHD college students which will definitely gives you positive result:-

Tip 1. While Studying, Put Everything Distracting Far From You.

For many people with ADHD, the presence of the phone itself makes it more difficult. So if you’re writing an essay, take your phone and put it in your bag or somewhere you have to actually get up and take it in order to demotivate yourself from procrastinating.


If you use your computer, delete all the distracting bookmarks or the website that tends to distract you from your studies.

Tip 2. Connect Your Organization Timing To a Playlist.

  • Understand how much time you need to collect your stuff, dress yourself, and do other things before going to college.
  • Make a custom playlist with songs that would end just in time for you to move to the next task. For example, if you usually need 40 minutes to eat, brush your teeth, and put everything for study in your bag, make a 40-minute playlist. You’ll realize your time ends when the song changes.
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Tip 3. Make Your Study a Competition.

Although most of the time, people with ADHD can become distracted in large companies, some situations can stimulate you. If you have other friends who have issues with concentrating or studying consistently, find a service or a platform to compete, such as Quizlet, and see who answers the questions and learns words faster and better.


While competing for grades is probably not the best idea, making a game of your learning while keeping focused on the goal is a good action.

Tip 4. Use Movement to Your Advantage.

At school or college, you’re probably restricted in the ability to move and wiggle, but when you’re at home, you can do what makes you feel best.

  • Buy an acrobatic ball and use it instead of a chair.
  • Pace in your room while reading or reciting your projects.
  • Wiggle, jump, dance, and do anything you want while doing your research.

Tip 5. Ask For Help.

Maybe you need professional or expert assistance. You can benefit from having a company to help you in learning. If you have a friend who is strongly motivated, it is a great idea to ask them to study together and stick to your learning plan.

Alternatively, if you need help writing a paper, you can always look for such professional essay services as Working with students from the USA and other English speaking countries, it can understand the issues of students with different needs and help you, as a customer, organize your learning process.

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Tip 6. Listen To Instrumental Music.

For most students, not only the ones with ADHD, listening to music cannot help them to concentrate because they get lost in lyrics. But if you do something without sound at all, your paper writing can stretch for hours because zero audio stimulation can also be paralyzing.

Some people prefer lo-fi music, while others need something active like Two Steps from Hell when they have to write or organize themselves quickly.

Tip 7. Use a Reward System To Your Advantage.

If you find long-term gratification problematic, you’re not alone. So here’s a different original strategy: reward yourself with small items that make you happier in a short time.

Rewards study tips for ADHD college students
  • Eat a chip or a small piece of a cookie after completing your reviews.
  • Dance to your favorite music every half an hour or when you feel distracted.
  • Instead of checkboxes, draw a small flower or a mushroom and once you’re done, color it.

Tip 8. Use Studying Supply Materials Effectively.

There are a lot of materials to make your learning easier. For example, you may think that highlighters don’t make any sense. But in reality, when you collect all your papers and start to review them, you can benefit from choosing different colors for the term and its definition.

Use different-colored stickers that can be bought cheap or even made for free to recreate your own personalized calendar out of books and notebooks. How? Just assign a specific color of a sticker to the day of the week when you’ll need your materials and put stickers of one color on them. It’ll make everything easier to categorize.

Tip 9. Set Regular Alarms When You Don’t Sleep.

That may sound a little harsh, but people with ADHD can get lost in time. If you’re learning, you can control the process by using online platforms and apps that use the suitable timing technique and block the websites like Facebook and Instagram when you have to study.

Alarm study tips for ADHD college students

As for alarms, you can set them every 15 or 20 minutes. When you hear the alarm ringing, you may realize that you have been spacing out for the past few minutes, and your essays have to be done from scratch because of all the things you’ve been writing absent-mindedly. But it can help you get back on track and remember to concentrate.

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Tip 10. Procrastinate To Reverse The Clock.

Does this sound counterintuitive? Actually, it works. If you want to do your homework fast just to play a video game, the quality of your learning can worsen. Some writers and researchers find it better to relax and enjoy their rest first and work later.

The only important thing to consider is that you need a very strict deadline. Give yourself one hour and then, without any pauses, start learning. This way, you’ll already be rewarded and have this side motivation put aside.

You Can, And You Will Get Better.

With this small list of things to improve your learning, you are probably more familiar with different tips for becoming a better writer, learner, and speaker.

College students with ADHD need specific study tips to become more adjusted to the environment that doesn’t always meet their dynamic and creative brains, but it’s possible to organize in a way that will make it more suitable and interesting for you to progress in your education.

Make a small goal for yourself, something you can do and measure. It will keep you motivated and give you perspectives to build a plan on.

Share with your loved ones! ❤

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