Breakfast Cereals: Healthy or not?

breakfast cereals

“Breakfast Cereals” are cereals which are made from processed grains and enrich with vitamins, minerals, macro and micro nutrients are known as cereal. It consist more ingredients like cocoa and natural sugar. Fortified Breakfast Cereals.  The list of fortified breakfast cereals are:  Total Whole Grain.  Cracklin’ Oat Bran.  Special K Original.  Kashi GO Lean Original.  … Read more

Keto Diet and its Unexpected Effectiveness


Diet which low in carbohydrate and high in fat is known as “Keto” diet. It also called ketogenic diet. Which is very similar to Atkins diet. According to the study it is found that this diet is very effective during weight loss. However, it was initially made for the patients those are suffering from seizure … Read more

Plant Based Meat-Loaded with Nutrients


There are many controversies regarding the source of the protein, whether animal or plant. Further suggest that plant based meat protein is greater to animal based protein. So, here we are there to clear your doubts and will give you a clear view on plant based meat. What is Plant Based Meat? Well, we often … Read more

How to Counter-strike Cancer with Nutrition?


The term cancer derived from the Latin word “crab”. Cancer is basically, an abnormal division or mutation of cells, which spreads throughout the body. It can occur at any age and at any parts of the body. We can easily beat the cancer with nutrition. Exposures to certain chemicals, physical and biological factors are the … Read more

What is Quantum Nutrition: Food and Benefits

basket of quantum nutrition

In our day to day life several diseases are taking place like cancer, AIDS, malaria, flu and several epidemics. According to the Times of India about 30000 people are dying every year of those diseases. Such numbers are increasing drastically. It is revealed, that the poor life style is one of the key factor. A … Read more