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14 Unexpected Health Benefits of Yoga


Yoga is a combination of physical, psychological and mystical practices. In modern day yoga is quiet popular among all age groups due to its several health benefits and advantages. It is more than the physical exercise. You can control your mind along with the body. Yoga gives you internal peace and happiness. However, yoga have …

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Yoga and Its Several Health Benefits


Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means “connection and union”. It is a cluster or group of physical, psychological and mystical practices. Yoga was first originated in ancient India and they discover its benefits. We have found many evidence of Yoga in Rigveda and Upanishads. In India, Swami Vivekananda adopts the yoga tradition at the time of 19th Century. Apart from …

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5 Magical Quantum Exercise With The Power of Yoga


In our last topic- “Quantum exercise with the power of Yoga” we have discussed regarding; Its origin. Specialties. Differences between quantum and other exercises. Important rules, procedures, its effects and benefits. So, today we will tell you about 5 magical quantum yoga which absolutely help you to achieve your goal. These exercises are also called …

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