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Dortmund Also Beat Psg in the Second League 1-0 to Advance to the Lm Final

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Paris – Dortmund players will play in the Champions League final. In the rematch of the semi-final at Paris St. Germain won again 1-0 and repeated the same win from the opening match. Borussia reached the final after 11 years, the Parisians played for the club’s most prestigious trophy only four years ago. Experienced defender Mats Hummels decided the match at Princes Park. In the return, four times the home team hit the goal structure.

In the London final at Wembley, Dortmund will face the better of the pair Bayern Munich – Real Madrid. The first match in Bavaria ended 2:2.

Borussia has been there in the LM final twice so far. In the 1996/97 season they dominated the competition, 16 years later they lost to Bayern at Wembley. It is with the Bavarian giant that she could fight again at the same place, if he also manages the rematch on the “White Ballet” field.

Both the teams have already played in the group this season very well, but PSG won 2:0 at home and drew 1:1 away. Dortmund, which was not among the biggest favorites of the millionaire competition, was able to learn a lesson.


Dortmund Also Beat Psg in the Second League 1-0 to Advance to the Lm Final.

Gunner Mbappé was guarded by four players in the first match and defended him. So, in retaliation, he moved from the center of attack to the wing, believing that he would have more space there. At the beginning it was tied to tactics again, the opening shots from both sides were not very dangerous. Only after the first half hour did something start to happen. The home team released Dembélé in the penalty area, but he overshot the goal. The guests’ chances were much greater. Adeyemi made his way from the middle of the field to the goal, where he fired hard in the fall, Donnarumma kept PSG with a great save. On the other side, Kobela checked Vitinho from a distance.

Borussia bravely defended their one-goal lead, fouling only once in the first half. The passage right after the break was key. The Parisians started the second half with an onslaught, Zaire-Emery had a great chance but only hit the post. Dortmund was again more effective. Brandt crossed from the corner kick accurately, Hummels broke away from Beraldo and scored with a header from close range. The 35-year-old defender became the biggest hero of the semi-finals, already in the first game he received the award for the best player.

“I’ve scored too few of the Champions League goals in my career, just five. Now was the right time to add another. From the second group game we believed we could win every game – and I see no reason why we shouldn’t win at Wembley now. We remained active even in the second league, that was our recipe for success,” Hummels told DAZN.

The home team was also unlucky, Nuno Mendes stamped the post again. And that wasn’t all. In the end, Mbappé fired the ball into the crossbar, a minute later Vitinho did the same. The goal structure saved the German team in the sum of the two matches for the sixth time, including the group matches for the eighth time. PSG players hit the post or crossbar fourteen times in the LM season and are still waiting in vain for their first triumph in the competition.

“Indescribable. After more than ten years it is glad I’m in the final again with Borussia. Dembélé and Hakimi dictated a tremendous pace and we suffered a lot. But we won, tomorrow no one will ask about shots on the post. The important thing is that Dortmund is in the final again. It’s really just unbelievable,” said by another veteran Marco Reus.

“Before the first game against Eindhoven, we talked for the first time like how short the trip of London could be. At that time, many were still confused. Last season we lost the German title in the last round at home, I’m glad that now we can give something back to the fans. With each we grew with the match and in the end we realized that we can be a team that will surprise everyone by advancing to the finals,” said coach Edin Terzic.

Paris St. Germain – Borussia Dortmund 0:1 (0:0).

Goal: 50. Hummels. Referees: Orsato – Carbone, Giallatini – Irrati (video, all It.). ŽK: Dembélé, Hakimí – Sabitzer, Hummels. Audience: 48,229 (sold out). First match 0:1, Dortmund advanced.


PSG: Donnarumma – Hakimí, Marquinhos, Beraldo, Nuno Mendes – Zaire-Emery (76. I Kang-in), Vitinha, Fabián Ruiz (64. Asensio) – Dembélé, Ramos (64. Barcola), Mbappé. Coach: Enrique.

Dortmund: Kobel – Ryerson, Hummels, Schlotterbeck, Maatsen – Can, Sabitzer – Sancho (67. Süle), Brandt (85. Nmecha), Adeyemi (56. Reus) – Füllkrug. Coach: Terzic.




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