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Lucid Dream as a Bridge Between Realities

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We all dream while we sleep. Dreams have several types, making us laughing or intimidating and we have no emphasis on these dreams. But do you know that through a technique you can dream of the desired while sleeping. Yes… The technique is called “Lucid dream”, what we want to be seen in dreams through this technology, can live up to your own fantasies and their end can also be determined by your own minds.

What is the Psychology of Dreams?

We all experienced dreams in our life. Some dreams are good, some are scary. In this way, dreams are a part of the lives, which we all have an eagerness to know. Since ancient times, experts, philosophers and writers have tried to understand the mysteries and forms of dream and gave their own opinions.

Earlier people believed that the nature of dreams is supernatural. At the time of dreams, the soul is separated from the body. What our soul hears or sees in this situation is called the same event as dreams. The people believed that the dreams show future events.

But slowly some philosophers studied and voted for the nature of dreams. Based on their psychological analyses, every dream has a meaning. According to them, dreams help to open up our pent-up desires.

Dream shows all the pent-up desires that a person is suppressed in his mind because that is impossible or unreal. The same desire is changed to sleep. Many examples of this can be felt every day.

A child who wants to eat a kind of sweets but does not eat for any reason often sees in dream that he is eating a kind of sweets in a shop or party.

According to many psychologists, in dreams, we see things which we want to do in real life but are not able to do. The same thing comes before us as a dream.

Types of Dreams According to Psychology.

Anxiety Dreams.

In such dreams, a person is very scared and sleepy. Such dreams come more to those who are quite emotionally disturbed and remain disturbed.

Prophetic Dreams.

Such dreams indicate a future event. It has been seen many times that the dreams of many people come true, but there is no psychological or scientific proof of the causes. Such dreams come more to those who worship more.

Resolution Dreams.

In such dreams, people see their glitches, especially the difficult queries of math. In such dreams, people get into sleep in the solution of their problems. Such dreams come more to those who think much more and are intellectual.

Kinaesthetic Dreams.

In such dreams, people see themselves floating, singing, crying and flying. Such dreams come more to those who are more imaginative.

Protest Dreams.

In such dreams, human beings break social beliefs and protest. Such dreams come more to those who want to protest against a problem but are not able to do.

Lucid Dreams.

In a kind of dream, a person knows that he is dreaming. Such people have control over their dreams. Such dreams come more to those persons who have control over themselves.

What is Lucid Dream?

It’s a kind of dream while the dreamer is conscious that they are dreaming. Frederik van Eeden first used the term ‘lucid’ as the meaning of ‘mental clarity’. If you look at it scientifically, you dream during the Rapid Eye Movement stage of your sleep cycle.

We everyday see 3 to 7 dreams at night, but most of us forget those dreams. This ‘mental clarity’ usually begins during these dreams. When a dreamer feels that his experiences are not physical and true, but are happening in dreams.

Often dreamers notice that something impossible is happening to them and outside of their life, especially flying and meeting the dead. It provides us with a world that is outside the real world of our minds.

Footnote. Whatever you can conceive in your mind, you make a mental picture, it is something that you can do in a lucid dream. So whatever your wildest fantasies or desires are, you can do them easily.

Why Do We Experience Lucid Dreams?

However, there can be quite a variety of lucid dreaming quality. When lucidity is at a very high level, you are aware that everything you are experiencing in dreams is happening in the mind, so you don’t have any real threats.

You are sleeping in bed and will wake up shortly. The brainwaves of the lucid dreamer were recorded using EEG (electroencephalogram) and it was discovered that lucid dreams are a hybrid state of consciousness and a measurable difference.

This is felt by us when our consciousness is awakened even during the Rapid Eye Movement stage. Half awakened state and half sleep state.

How REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep) is correlated with Lucid dream?

Well there’s a variety of things that can cause it but basically you have to understand when lucid dreaming happens.

Now lucid dreaming does not happen at any point during the night. It occurs during a specific phase of sleep called REM or Rapid Eye Movement Sleep. Now what basically happens in this sleep, we are very close to the waking state. (1)

So you know that a little thing will wake us up in this state, but it also means that our brain is working at a higher level, we can process things logically and as a result we are really capable and sufficiently alert that we can aware in our dreams and realize that we are dreaming. So when we do this, then we become lucid and now we take control of our dreams.

Footnote. Lucid dreaming does not happen at any point during the night. It basically occurs during a specific phase of sleep called REM or Rapid Eye Movement Sleep. In this stage we are very close to the waking state.

What Can You Feel During Lucid Dreaming?

The first thing that attracts lucid dreamers is the possibilities of their wild, adventurous and impossible fantasies. According to many lucid dreamers, they could fly into space, travel near the sun, become millionaires and dance in fire.

Many people say that his first lucid dream was the most amazing experience of his life. But it is not necessary that all the experiences during lucid dreams are according to your favourite fantasies. Sometimes you may have to face strange and scary animals and situations.

During lucid dreams you lose time and ability to test things. For example, if you try to read the time and the words in the book during this stage of mental clarity, you will find different times and words every time.

Meaning the time and words you saw earlier will make a lot of difference when you see it a second time. You will be confuse even though you wake up.

How to Experience Lucid Dream?

If you also want to experience Lucid Dream, you need to know some tips for your dream. Follow this information about lucid dreaming technique, so that you can see your dreams. You have to look after of certain things like;

Repeat Certain Things During the Day.

If you want to experience lucid dream, it can be done by repeating certain things again and again in a day. When you repeat something again and again, the dream of the desired begins from there and we move towards lucid dreaming.

Dream Book.

This means that whenever you see a dream at night, you must write it in a diary. Because these techniques help you to understand the lucid dream. By writing them, you understand that these are all your unfulfilled desires that you can live in dreams or see them fulfilled.

Lucid Dream Masks.

As the technology are getting advanced new ways are coming out. Lucid dream mask is one of them. Lucid dream mask looks similar as traditional sleep mask and made up with soft material. It has an in-built sensors which monitor your sleeping stage and gives an alert when you reach REM sleep and thus helping you to aware of beginning of lucid dream without fully waking you up.

Footnote. About 20% of population have at least one spontaneous lucid dream in every month but now through scientific study, there are various techniques through which anyone can learn to apply those lucid drams in their life.

What is the Most Perfect Time of Lucid Dream?

A man takes 7-8 hours of sleep, but this whole time period is not the right time for lucid dream. Rather, sometime of sleep is considered to be the best after the awaking of sleep. For example, you fall asleep at night, but you awake at 4-5 o’clock.

This is the time when human consciousness is growing but because of the mind being half-conscious, you easily fall asleep again and this time is considered perfect for lucid dreaming. That is, when a human mind is not fully awake, you can dream.

What are the Steps of Lucid Dream?

Step 1.

Apply alarms before bedtime. If you wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning, apply the alarm from 3 to 4 o’clock. If you wake up at 7 o’clock, put an alarm between 4-5 o’clock in the morning.

Step 2.

Remember your dream immediately as soon as the alarm is ringing.

Step 3.

Remember the dream, think in mind and sleep. But also instruct yourself that this is a lucid dream. Do not allow any useless thoughts to come to mind.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Lucid Dream.

Proponents claim that lucid dreams can improve problem-solving skills, improve memory and self-confidence. Reduce the number of nightmares you experience during night and provide more comfortable sleep.

There are no possible disadvantages caused by lucid dreaming yet, but some people say it may cause different types of mental illness.

Sometimes our dreams are not fulfilled and we are disappointed. The effect on many people is so profound that they are vulnerable to depression and are left out of the darkness of negativity.

Lucid Dreaming technique can keep people away from this activity and if people stay away from the activity, disappointment will not be too close to them.

Footnote. Lucid dreams have several psychological benefits, such as it can improve your brain power and confidence as well as it reduce your depression.

Frequently Asked Questions. 

1. How to do Lucid Dream for Beginners?

To do the Lucid Dream for beginners the technique goes like this:

  • Make sure to set your alarm clock, go to bed as regular and allow yourself to sleep for six hours. Note that you should reduce your sleep hours. For example if you sleep for 6 hours make it to 4hours.
  • After four hours, wake up and get out of bed. Basically the idea is to temporarily delay regular REM sleep.
  • Then stay awake near about 20 minutes.
  • Determine yourself on what you want to dream in advance. For example if you want to do bungee jumping in your dream, visualize jumping.
  • Now get relaxed and go back to the bed. Slowly float in to the dream world. If all well you will straight dive into REM sleep from a conscious and become lucid.

Bottom Line.

Despite the fact that such technique has not been explicitly employed in psycho-therapeutic practices and many future studies are needed to support the claims we have made.

We really want to embrace, inspire and more effectively encourage researchers and training professionals to make this event of lucrative dreaming possible for patients, athletes and our usual attractive dreamers of tomorrow.

Lucid or charming dream is a learnable skill. About 20% of general population have at least one spontaneous lucid dream every month but now through scientific study, there are various cognitive techniques that anyone can learn to apply to these fascinating dreams.

And we want to encourage you to have a fascinating dream and to explore this fascinating state of consciousness and to empower and improve not only your dream life but also your waking life.

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