How Much Protein In 6 Oz Chicken Breast?

6 oz chicken breast protein

Chicken is a versatile and adaptable protein served in countless ways in innumerable dishes. A large section of our society is omnipresent, that is, people who eat vegetables and cereals as well as meat in their diet. Chicken is a diet that has always been everyone’s favourite. The reason is, easy availability, soft meat and … Read more

How To Lose Fat Around Private Area : Exercise And Diet

Lose fat around private area

Losing weight is now added in mostly everybody’s schedule. When we follow a workout program mostly the fat which is focused is arm pit fat, breast fat, abdominal fat and thigh fat. But, unfortunately what is missed is the fat around private area. Especially, in female after pregnancy the chances are higher. On the other … Read more

Is Alkaline Water Help To Reduce Alcohol Flush?

Is Alkaline Water Help To Reduce Alcohol Flush

Water has a special significance in our life, without which life on earth cannot be imagined. We use water in different purpose throughout the day. On the other hand, the trend of drinking water has rapidly changed. Today, there are many forms of water in the market that are forcing us to think. Alkaline water … Read more

How Deodorants Cause Breast Cancer?

Generally, cancer that detect in the breast is formed in the mammary glands (lobules) or tracts of the breast, which transports milk from the glands to the nipple. Fatty or breast fibrous compound tissue can also be main spots for cancer cells. In some cases cancer cells can reach to the lymph nodes under your arms … Read more

How To Do Incline Bench Press Exercise?


Chest-day is considered to be the most important day in the gym. Chest muscle is one of the biggest muscle of the body. Since it is one of the large muscle of the body, its exercises are also difficult. Bench press exercises are considered to be the most reasonable and effective for chest muscles. However, … Read more

Amazing Benefits of Cashew in Tuberculosis

Benefits of Cashew In Tuberculosis

Among all of the nuts and seeds, most of our favorite nut is cashew. It not only delicious but also has several health benefits. However, recently it has been found that cashew has a very impactful benefit in curing tuberculosis patients. Apart from this, it also helps in curing pneumonia, tooth decay, acne and many … Read more

How To Take Care of Your Teeth Without Dentist?

take care of your teeth without dentist

Before going into depth on how you can take care of your teeth without dentist, let’s know the basic function of teeth and its structure. In human being two sets of teeth appear in the mouth at different ages according to the need to perform their functions namely; Chewing of food (mastication). Add to the … Read more

10 Best Morning Yoga For Weight Loss

yoga for weight loss

Obesity is become a global problem. Excessive weight gain causes many diseases. So, it is good to redeem the problem in time. The problem of obesity depends on two things, firstly, the diet and the physical activity. Obesity can be eradicate by balancing these two things properly. So, it is important to take care of … Read more

What is the Uvea of the Eye?


Definition of Uvea? The uvea is the name given to the area that is comprised of three distinct structures located in the center of the eyeball. These structures are so intimately connected that disease or inflammation in one region will quickly spread to another. Many diseases like syphilis, tuberculosis and even rheumatoid arthritis can affect … Read more

Guidelines for Varicose Veins According To ICD 10

varicose veins ocd 10

According to WHO, 2021 revision the code for varicose veins ICD 10 is 183.90. Veins are said to be varicose when they become tortuous, thin-walled, widened and easily visible below the skin. The veins in the superficial tissues of the legs are most commonly affected. According to ICD 10 there is no known cause for … Read more

Best Yoga Poses for Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief

Exercises for Sciatica Nerve Pain

Sciatica pain is a pain in the sciatic nerve that affects the hips, buttocks and lower leg through the back. Usually the sciatica affects only one side of the body more. When the spine gets narrow, the nerves begin to have more pressure, causing swelling, pain and numbness in the legs. Therefore, today in this … Read more

Benefits of Ice Pack On Neck Pain

Benefits of Ice Pack On Neck

Sometimes we ignore some physical problems by assuming it moderately. The problems may be serious over the time. One such problem is neck pain. Sometimes everyone has a problem of neck pain. It is such a pain that goes out of tolerance. So, it is necessary to treat it properly in time. When the pain … Read more

Best 7 Immune Boosting Tea with Benefits and Recipe

Immune Boosting Tea

A cup of hot tea doubles the fun of the rainy season. If some Ayurvedic herbs are used to prepare tea, it will be even better for health. Such type of special tea helps to strengthen immunity. Drinking a tea of basil, cinnamon, pepper, dried ginger and dry grapes once or twice a day can … Read more

Exercise Routine and Diets for Men and Their Body Types

Routine and Diets for Men and Their Body Types

If you are a fitness freak or trainer then it is so important to know about the exercise routine and diets for men and their body types. However, the idea of a perfect body is the one that has minimum amount of fat and maximum amount of muscle. This requires a unique combination of diet … Read more

How To Take Care of Elderly At Home?

How To Take Care of Elderly At Home

Ageing is a universal process and should be regarded as a normal biological phenomenon. No one knows when old age begins. The process of ageing varies with individuals. Some being to look old at 50 years or so while others look young even at 65 or 70 years. From the statistical angel and for the … Read more