5 Amazing Sesamoiditis Exercises

Sesamoiditis Exercises

Are you experiencing pain under your big toe? Do you having trouble walking or running because of it? Are you a runner or a dancer? Do you often wear high heels? You may have Sesamoiditis. So, you should read this article to learn about some effective Sesamoiditis Exercises. Sesamoiditis is a foot disease that causes … Read more

Amazing Single Leg Hip Thrust

Single Leg Hip Thrust

Single leg hip thrust is a challenging exercise to engage your glutes and hamstrings. They are going to help you to build better glutes and improve overall strength. Hip thrust is a powerful movement where you use your glutes to drive your hips up to the ceiling. As you can imagine, the single-leg version uses … Read more

Snow Angel Exercise: How To Do

Snow Angel Exercise

Among several other exercises snow angel is one of the most effective strength exercise. It strengthens your shoulders and helps to stabilize the muscles. Strengthening your shoulder muscles helps to pull back the shoulders to support good posture and reduce neck, shoulder and back pain. Snow Angel is not a Pilates exercise, even it is … Read more

Prone Leg Curl Machine : Features & benefits

Prone Leg Curl Machine : Features & benefits

The leg curl strengthens the hamstring muscles, and the exercise done using the leg curl machine helps to target the major muscle group of the thigh. The Prone Leg Curl machine helps users to effectively target hamstrings and quadriceps. Main Features. 4 Starting Positions for Better Pre-Stretch Adjustments. Adjustable knob-operated convertible seats make switching between … Read more