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eSports Insurance : Are eSports Insurance Profitable?

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eSports started out as an underground activity, eSports (aka electronic sports) has become one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century. So, today we will be telling you about eSports Insurance.

In short, eSports is competitive video gaming where people play against each other online or at an event, usually for a cash prize.

Unsurprisingly, with their own tournaments for fans all year round the world, games for professional players, teams and fans, eSports has become its own unit.

Viewers can watch games online through streaming platforms, with large eSports tournaments pulling millions of viewers.

Global revenues from exports — including advertising, sponsorship, goods and ticketing grew significantly year-over-year to $1 billion for the first time on 2021. It is expected to reach $1.8 billion in 2022.

Why Is Insurance Important For An eSports Company?

The export industry is changing and growing rapidly. Although eSports companies face the same risk as other businesses, many of the exposures are unique to the industry.

Consider hosting a tournament where the venue needs liability insurance to book the venue. In the world of gaming, events must run smoothly to keep pace. Having the right kind of coverage can reduce any risk that may arise in this industry.

The importance of computer and system integrity for e-commerce companies cannot be underestimated, so they start with some risk insurance policy. The theft of customers’ personal information or worse, their financial information is a major threat to online retailers.

Culprits can wreak havoc by stealing data and information, encrypting your data and extorting from you, or by locking you off from a DDoS attack. These challenges can cause lasting harm to a company that is not ready to face them. Like in the following:

Event Risk.

The reality is that mass celebrations like eSports events are in the grip of attacks and a large number of things can go wrong. While dealing with such a large crowd, the organizers of the event should take all possible threats to safety very seriously.

Legal And Regulatory.

The widely growing and unchecked betting and gambling market posed compliance challenges for export companies. There have also been changes or restrictions in many of the government laws seen in China with some of the recent games.

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Emerging Risk.

The industry is still in the early stages of growth, the competition can be fierce and with new entrants vying for positions the costs may be higher and new unforeseen risks keep appearing.

Cyber Security.

More than half of all gamers have experienced a cyber attack, whether it’s through logins or a more significant threat. That said, DDoS attacks are a known one for cyber criminals, a wave of these threats is due to occur in 2020.

Why Do Businesses Related To eSports Need Insurance?

Risks in the eSports and gaming industry are similar to other business risks in some ways, but the industry also faces its own unique risks.

Whether you’re hosting a tournament in a place that requires you to have liability insurance before booking a place or you’re a team that needs to show investors that you’re protecting yourself from the unexpected risks, you need to have the right kind of eSports insurance.

eSports Insurance
eSports Insurance Image Source: Esports Team Insurance

Recommended eSports Insurance Policies.

Some of the important types of eSports Insurance Policies mentioned below;

General Liability Insurance.

General liability is a comprehensive policy that can protect all businesses from certain general fundamental risks, such as property damage and physical injury occurring on the premises of the business.

Employment Transaction Liability Coverage.

Any business with employees needs protection from litigation related to employment practices, such as wrongful termination, breach of contract and allegations of discrimination.

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Property Insurance.

eSports includes the use of specialist equipment and infrastructure that can be expensive and difficult to replace. Property insurance covers damage to technical equipment and infrastructure as well as property stolen or lost in incidents.

Cyber Insurance.

The eSports industry is particularly sensitive to cyber crime and internet-related risks. Modern cyber criminals are constantly developing new ways to wreak havoc and get money and sensitive information from businesses working in all industries, including eSports.

With threats including ransom ware, phishing, malware, spam, botnet, physical manipulation, denial of service attacks and exploitation kits, even the best cyber security measures cannot prevent every possible violation. The financial impact of cyber crimes can be devastating, and insurance helps to reduce this risk.

Event Cancellation.

Event cancellation is a useful type of coverage for occasions when planned eSports events run in an unexpected and inevitable roadblock.

eSports events take a lot of time and effort to plan, and when powers beyond your control are revoked, it can have a significant financial impact.

This insurance assures participants that potential risks have been covered keeping in view the unique needs of eSports events.

It can cover expenses related to financial losses, ticket sales, site costs, unexpectedly low attendee figures, hiring costs and prestigious damage control.

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Event Liability.

From equipment damage to personal injuries, organizing an event involves many risks. Event Liability Insurance provides coverage for accidents in eSports events, injuries to guests while attending events or damage to the walls of the site while carrying equipment.

It covers the medical bills of an injured guest if you are found by mistake. While many places have their own liability insurance policies, it cannot cover all situations. For some places you will need an event liability policy before you organize an event there.

eSports Team Insurance.

eSports teams and organizations can protect against various kinds of unique risks arising from their work. High levels of corporate investment and oversight in the industry mean have to be taken seriously need to demonstrate that they have proper security.

Bottom Line.

So, eSports insurance is an important factor to prevent several attacks which may cause financial loss and protect a company or an organization from numerous risks.

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