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Sadler Sports Insurance Reviews

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Sadler & Co. was founded by John M. Sadler in 1946. His son John M. Sadler, Jr. became president in 1989 and decided to focus on the needs of local sports and entertainment organizations. He graduated on magna cum laude in 1983 with a degree in insurance and finance from the University of South Carolina.

Sadler Sports & Recreation Insurance is the primary division of the Sadler & Company, Inc. and represents all the top insurance carriers who are experts in the sports and entertainment industries. They offer an online system that allows you to get instant quotes – sometimes in a few seconds.

After receiving the quotation, pay online and print proof of your coverage for almost all of the programs. This means you get an insurance certificate that you need immediately!

Offered Policy Types.

  • General Liability.
  • Accident Coverage.
  • Director and Officer Liability.
  • Crime, Equipment.
  • Property Coverage.
  • Commercial Auto.
  • Worker Compensation.

Their policies provide the most reliable coverage, and are issued from leading insurance carriers in the industry.

In addition to unbeatable coverage at affordable rates, they provide the extra benefits to provide excellent customer service and expert advice.

Their risk management videos and articles help to find ways to reduce injuries and liability and reduce risk, and they provide forms to help you to manage your risk.

Sadler Insurance
Sadler Sports Insurance Image Source: Sadler Sports & Recreation

They offer several different customized programs for customers of entertainment and sports industry mainly, such as;

  • Sports teams and league.
  • Camps and tournaments.
  • State, regional and national association.
  • Special programs and program hosts.
  • Facilities.
  • Health and fitness clubs.
  • Sports instructors.
  • Outdoor risks programs.

Their programs are designed specifically for sports organizations, and the coverage they provide is unmatched with savings of up to 38%! To contact them you can call at 1-800-622-7370 or get a quick quote to their website, Go to

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Company Size of Sadler Sports Insurance.

The company size holds the capacity of 11-50 employees.

Headquarter of Sadler Sports Insurance.

Headquarter of Sadler Sports Insurance is situated in Colombia, SC and established in the year 1946.

6 Reasons Why To Sadler Sports Insurance.

Quality Coverage At Minimum Possible Cost.

Their large number of sports and entertainment customers and reputation in the industry translates into substantial buying power in the market.

It means they can negotiate for the best coverage on your behalf at the minimum possible cost. They are respected by all major sports insurance providers for their commitment to excellence with their technical skills, automation, education and risk management resources. As a result, they often receive preferential treatment for their customers.

Work As A Sports Insurance Exchange For Wider Market Access.

If their home-based programs do not meet the needs of a sports and entertainment organization, they can reach almost the entire market to find the best in the industry insurance program.

They represent all the major providers of sports insurance and they have excellent work relationships. Protect your association, board, staff and volunteers from losing everything in the lawsuit with their professional advice, high limits, and custom coverage enhancements.

Not All Insurance Policies Have Been Made The Same.

Nationally, more than 90% of all sports and entertainment insurance policies have fatal coverage loopholes that dangerously expose policy holders.

All their special programs are designed to meet or exceed certain minimum recommendations and most have custom coverage enhancements for your security.

The Best Automation In The Industry Results In Uneven Speed And Convenience. 

Their fully trained employees are people oriented and they offer small company service and flexibility with the sophistication of the big company. Coverage can be immediately forced for most of the programs with their instant online quote/pay/print.

In addition, all servicing requests are logged into their ticketing system and controlled by their qualified service representatives under the supervision of their department manager. Their customers and prospects constantly grade their service performance as more than 97% of the time.

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Payment of Quick And Fair Claims. 

Their claims administrators are carefully selected and monitored based on their actual performance.

Risk Management Advice To Prevent Injury or Trial. 

View their free risk management content on their website including educational bulletins, legal forms, risk management program templates and videos.

None of their competitors provide the same high-quality, user-friendly risk management content. Their customers can also consult John Sadler about their concerns.

Bottom Line.

Sadler & Co. has specialized in insuring sports and entertainment organizations since 1957. Working in all 50 States, they currently insure over 15,700 local and over 30 national sports organizations through various special programs.

Their history and experience is important because sports and entertainment insurance is not something that can be achieved overnight. They have decades of experience in solving problems with creative solutions.

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