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Last Minute Heroics: Jovanovic Rescues Point for Panathinaikos in Leoforos Derby

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Panathinaikos was behind in the score by PAOK until 90+6′ but there the “golden change” of Ivan Jovanovic, Geremegev with a header, made it 2-2 on his debut and saved the point for the trefoil in the Leoforos derby.

Panathinaikos with Geremeev’s buzzer beater, who had come on as a substitute in the match in the 82′, erased in the 90+6′ the “painting” of Andrija Zivkovic, who with a wonderful left-footed goal had given PAOK the lead in the 58 ‘ race of Leoforos.

However, Ivan Jovanovic’s team fought until the end, pressed, took measures on the pitch and managed to equalize in the last minute of stoppage time with the Swedish striker’s first goal in the trefoil jersey.

The Avenue derby was quite good with four goals, goals for both teams, many phases and complaints at the end of the match from the visitors about some of the referee’s whistles in the match, which were also expressed by Razvan Lucescu at the end of the match .

Overall, Panathinaikos was better during the 90 minutes of the match, they had 24 finals, 12 at home, against PAOK’s 6, of which three were at Brignoli’s home. 

However, he was not effective, despite his good image he almost never managed to get ahead in the match and this played a role in the final result.

The shots of the two coaches.

Both Ivan Jovanovic and Razvan Lucescu made changes in relation to the matches the two teams played in midweek against Asteras and Volos and in view of their upcoming European commitments.

The hosts made five changes to their starting line-up. Brignoli, Senkefeld, Juancar, Bernard and Ioannidis returned to the starting line-up.

Under the goalposts was Brignoli with Kochira playing on the right wing and Huancar returning on the left. Schenkefeld-Gedvai were twin stoppers. Arao played in front of the defensive four with Cerin next to him and the trio in front consisted of Palacios, Djuricic and Bernard while Ioannidis was at the top of the attack.

PAOK, for its part, in relation to its victory over Volos, had three new faces in the starting line-up. Kenziora, Constantelias and Brandon Thomas are in the starting line-up and took the places of Sastre, Murg and Samata.

Kotarski was at home. Kenziora played on the right with Baba on the left and Ekong-Koulierakis were the two central defenders. In front of them was the Cigaras-Schwab duo with Zivkovic playing on the right, Tyson on the left and Constantelia behind Brandon Thomas.

Panathinaikos scores, PAOK scores a goal.

The match started with Djuricic threatening, just in the 2nd minute of the match. The Serbian midfielder stepped into the area, attempted a pass, it was intercepted and the ball returned to his feet with Djuricic shooting straight again and the ball ricocheting off Kotarski’s right post.

In the 13th minute, Cerin’s shot from outside the area was easily blocked by Kotarski. And PAOK essentially opened the scoring in its first good development and opportunity.

He pushed and found the equalizer the clover.

Panathinaikos did not seem to be affected by the goal they conceded and continued with the aim of playing their game and looking for the equalizing goal. He initially threatened in the 29th minute with Kotsira in a shooting position from outside the area, he took a diagonal shot with Kotarski impressively clearing for a corner.

Three minutes later, however, the clover found the equalizer. Djuricic received the ball on the right from Cerin, he crossed to Bernard, he couldn’t catch the ball, the PAOK defense tried to clear with Palasios putting his foot in and sending the ball into the net for 1 -1.

Five minutes later Palacios again found himself with the ball outside the area, he took the shot with Kotarski firmly blocking the ball.

The first part ended with a good phase for each team. Initially, in the 44th minute, Constantelias received the ball inside the area, he made the play with Brignoli pushing away. The referee gave a hand to the Greek midfielder but his decision was wrong and if the ball had gone into the goal, it would have counted through VAR.

In the second minute of stoppage time, Panathinaikos could achieve the upset. Kotarski was offside, lost the ball to Kotsira on the right but did not attempt the shot despite the fact that the Croatian was well offside. 

Instead he took measures, tried to pass to Palasios, he left for Djuricic who did not follow the phase. The ball reached Bernard on the left. The Brazilian made the shot inside the area with the ball going wide.

Phases from both teams, PAOK is a goal.

The second half started without changes for both teams with PAOK threatening first. In the 52′, Kenziora exchanged the ball nicely with Constantelia, he made the parallel ball with Brandon Thomas unable to send the ball into the net for PAOK’s 2-1.

Panathinaikos responded in the 55th minute. Juancar came in from the left, he made the parallel ball to Ioannidis who didn’t have time to enter the phase, Palasios became its recipient and shot with the ball going just wide.

PAOK had a goal back two minutes later when Brandon Thomas was on the receiving end of the ball outside the area and produced a terrific shot that rattled Brignoli’s post.

Zivkovic’s “painting” for PAOK’s 2-1 win.

PAOK, in its third good moment in the second half, narrowly found the lead. Tyson made the move from midfield, timed it to Andrija Zivkovic who produced a lovely, sweet, left-footed shot that found its way into Brignoli’s net.

The two coaches made changes ahead of their European games. Panathinaikos got better with the new faces that came into the match and continued to press in search of the equalizing goal.

In one minute, Vilena had two finals. In the first in the 82nd minute outside the area, Kotarski firmly blocked and a minute later the Dutchman’s shot went wide. It was then Jedvai who threatened with a header from a corner from the right with Kotarski making an impressive clearance.

Geremegev equalized at 90+6′.

Panathinaikos found the equalizer in the sixth minute of stoppage time. Mladenovic made a sweet cross from the left and Geremegev, in his third attempt to send the ball towards Kotarski’s goal, took the header and sent it into the PAOK net for 2-2, which was the final result of the match.

PANATHINAICOS (Ivan Jovanovic). 

Brignoli, Kotsiras, Senkefeld, Jedvai, Juancar (82′ Mladenovic), Arau, Cerin (76′ Vilena), Palacios (70′ Mancini), Bernard, Djuricic (70′ Verbic), Ioannidis (82′ Geremegev).

PAOK (Razvan Lucescu)

Kotarski, Kenziora, Ekong, Koulierakis, Baba, Tsingaras (62′ Ozdoev), Schwab (71′ Meite), Zivkovic, Tyson, Constantelias (62′ Despodov), Brandon Thomas (72′ Samata).

On Sunday’s Game Night, Pantelis Vlachopoulos, together with Pantelis Diamantopoulos and Themis Kaisaris, comment on the Panathinaikos – PAOK derby, while Kostas Goulis and Manos Navrozidis carry the entire report from Leoforos.




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