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Timberwolves Shock Snatch Game 1 Incredibly 

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) – Anthony Edwards was so happy to win the first playoff game of his career. Now, he and the rest of Minnesota Timberwolves, want more.

Edwards scored 36 points early on his season after, and seventh seeded Timberwolves took home-court advantage in the first round of their first-round Western Conference series by defeating No. 2 seed Memphis Grizzlies 130-117 on Sat.

“Putting on another show,” Edwards stated, the top overall pick in the 2020 draft. “That much. Do another show and impress the win. ”

All-Star Centre Carl-Anthony Town added 29 points and 13 rebounds. Malik Beasley had 23 points & Jaden McDaniels had 15 points. Patrick Beverly and D’Angelo Russell had 10-10 points.

The Timberwolves, beating the Los Angeles Clippers in the game, won their first playoff opener since 2004. It was then that he defeated Denver in the first round en route to the Western Conference Final.

Timberwolves Image Source: Where the Timberwolves stand in the Western 

Towns said it was a good feeling to go out with a confidence-boosting win. “We have done a lot of small things that are necessary to win,” Towns stated. “We should be very proud of our performance.”

Ja Morant led Memphis with 32 points & eight assists, and Dillon Brooks added 24 points. Brandon Clarke had 13 points & 12 rebounds off the bench. Desmond Bain scored 17 points & Jaren Jackson Jr. scored 12 points.

“I think most of the stuff was on us,” Morant said. “So we lost.”

Memphis set the franchise record by winning 56 games in the regular season and earning the highest seed ever. The Grizzlies had a packed FedExforum for only their third game 1 in Memphis. But he struggled early after a week’s leave and led two only twice in the final middle of the second quarter.

Memphis coach Taylor Jenkins had mentioned that “We tried our best to be formed and prepared, but it has been a minute since we played. “But we have to be ready to go. We didn’t in the first trimester, and we paid for it.

In this matchup of the NBA’s top-scoring offenses and the league’s two youngest teams this season, Timberwolves set franchise records for points in both the first quarter and the game. He also impressed Memphis with his 3 points including  shooting, rebounding & defense.

The Timberwolves looked like a team that played On Tuesday night that needed a win to get their seed. He started with 9-2 runs and took a 13 lead before leading 41-33 for the franchise’s highest scoring first quarter in the playoffs.

Minnesota led 65-62 at halftime, and then dismissed Memphis 32-30 to 97-92 in the third quarter.

Edwards Vs  Morant.

This series pits the top draft pick of the 2020 draft against the No. 2 overall pick of the 2019 draft delivered in this game. Edwards and Morant became the first opposing players in NBA history for each score in a playoff game at the age of 22 or under.

Edwards scored at least 35 points in the playoff game at the age of 21 with Derrick Rose, Tyler Harrow and Magic Johnson.

“When he is playing basketball at a level like this, he is almost like invincible,” Towns stated. “He is invincible, really.”


Timberwolves: He topped the 121 points he scored on April 21, 2018 against Houston, the only game in which he won that series.

His first quarter topped Game 2 of the Western Conference final against the Lakers on 23 May 2004 with 32 points. … Towns’ 43rd double of the season was double. … Russell made 5 assists in the third quarter.

But after scoring 37 in his last game against Memphis in February he was 2 out of 11 for eight-point shooting.

Grizzlies: Jackson set a franchise playoff record with seven blocks in the first three quarters. He topped the six blocks by Mark Gasol against Oklahoma City on May 13, 2013. Clarke’s fifth double of the season was double. Jackson & Steven Adams combined for 7 rebounds.

Playoff Experience.

The Grizzlies are now expected to take their playoff experience down 0-1. Memphis won two play-in games last year and then started the first-round series in Utah with a big win. The Next Four by the Grizzlies “A chain can get out of hand quickly.”

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