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Coco Bliss Onlyfans Leaked Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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You may have heard of Coco Bliss, the successful Tiktok star who makes millions of dollars from her dance videos. But who exactly is Coco Bliss? That’s what we’re going to find out in this article about Coco Bliss Onlyfans leaked – who she is, how much money she makes and more!

Early Life of Coco Bliss.

Born in 30th July 2001, in Miami, Florida. Her birth name is Cholee Land. She has one younger sibling who she grew up with; her brother’s name is Frankie. They are both of Italian descent.

Her parents always loved her and it was apparent that she had everything her heart desired growing up. Her father would take great interest in fulfilling every one of his daughter’s wishes, needs, and desires when they were together as a family.

Coco graduated from high school at an unspecified location before moving to Miami where she now resides – although we do not know what college she attended either online or through media reports.

Coco is older than most other people who create YouTube channels which might explain why we haven’t seen much personal information come out about herself aside from interviews with other vloggers- this helps keep her private life just that- private!

A Quick Shot on Coco.

Date of BirthJuly 30, 2001
Age21 years old (As of 2022)
BirthplaceUnited States
ProfessionTikTok star
Height5 feet 3 inches (1.61 m)
Relationship statusSingle
Net worth$100,000 – $200,000 (More info Below)

Career Beginnings.

From childhood, Coco Bliss loved to dance. In 2020 she created her Tik Tok account as Heluvcoco. Initially, she would upload videos of herself dancing on popular songs just for the fun of it.

But soon her work came under scrutiny when legions of viewers found themselves enthralled in what they saw and followed suit; which consequently led to a massive increase in both followership and popularity.

Coco Bliss Net Worth.

Coco Bliss’s estimated net worth is $800,000 US Dollars in 2022. Otherwise, her total wealth was expected nearly $500,000 USD last year. According to our research and observations, we can say that Coco Bliss made approximately $300,000 USD every year through her various income sources over the past few years – but this number reflects how much she made before being signed by IMG Models.

Other than what she brings in from social media posts or other ad placements – which are two huge streams of revenue for a twenty-one-year-old with 7 million Instagram followers. She spends time working on videos and other content for YouTube channels owned by Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber (her friends). For these reasons combined with the fact that she’s yet to release new material since signing as IMG Model.

Personal Life of Coco Bliss.

Coco Bliss is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Richard Maurice Colbert, who goes by IHeartMemphis. A popular American rapper, he released his first song which ranked at number 15 on the billboard hot 100 list.

While she hasn’t really said anything about it publicly, we can see them together in some of Coco’s YouTube videos where they appear to be close friends—sharing plenty of inside jokes and other fun moments together.

Despite having an American nationality and being a leo zodiac sign, coco currently resides with her parents back home where she grew up.

Coco Bliss Onlyfans Leaked Workout Routine.

Coco mostly focuses on her abs and lower back by incorporating various exercise programs, such as squats, lunges, etc. She may also do a warm-up routine consisting of routines like running.

Let’s get started!

Coco Bliss exercise planner

1. Cardio.

As Katie showed us in her old YouTube video, she likes doing things like using elliptical machines or other cardio machines. She like moderate paced cardio exercises such as the elliptical machine, treadmill, stair-stepper, and so on. This should last around thirty to forty minutes for best results.

2. Weight Training.

In weight training she do three rounds of mixed workouts that focus on every region of her body. These are also called circuit routines where she’ll go through each exercise for one minute before taking a break after four exercises per round.

Rounds: 3.

Circuits in every round: 3.

Exercise in each circuit: 4.

Exercise time: 1 minute.

Rest time after each circuit: 1 minute.



  • Resistance band smith squats.
  • Leg press.
  • Leg extension.
  • Banded barbell good mornings.


  • Deep squats.
  • Bulgarian squats.
  • Leg curls.
  • Stiff-leg dumbbell deadlifts.


  • Overhead squats.
  • Hack squats.
  • Resistance barbell Hip thrusts.
  • Hip abduction.


  • Banded squats.
  • Glutes kickbacks.
  • Hyperextension.
  • Calf raises.

Coco Bliss Onlyfasn Leaked Diet Plan.

diet plan

Coco drinks a lot of detox tea, water, and eats fruit as snacks. She also eats lean meats like chicken in her diet.




Evening Snack.

  • Detox tea.


  • Salmon or chicken.
  • Veggies.
  • Salad.

Bottom Line.

Coco Bliss popular social media star who is best known for her HeluVcoco TikTok account where she posts dance videos. Her contents made her earned over 2.4 million followers on the video platform. Her videos are set to popular hip-hop songs and include lip-synchs of lyrics or simply show the artist dancing with other people.

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