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Laq Exercise : Types and Steps

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Pain in or around the knee can indicate a condition affecting the knee joint or soft tissue around the knee. Knee pain is a common problem that afflicts millions of people worldwide and is one of the most common conditions treated in physiotherapy. So, today we will tell you about some Long Arc Quad or LAQ Exercise that will give you positive effects.

Although very common, the underlying cause of knee pain can be multifactorial and should be thoroughly evaluated by a medical professional to make sure that you have been prescribed the most appropriate treatment plan to best address your deficit.

Common Causes of Knee Pain.

Apart from any underlying diseases knee pain can be due to many reasons. Examples include heavy physical activity, muscle imbalances, injuries such as sprains or stretches, sedentary lifestyles, or decreased joint mobility.

What is Long Arc Quad- LAQ Exercise?

The Long Arc Quad exercise to aid in strengthening the quadriceps muscles is an incredible exercise. This activity can be done by sitting on the edge of the table or sitting on the seat by comfortably fixing the leg. Stretch your toes/lower leg backwards while fixing your leg.

The long arc quad exercise helps to strengthen the quad muscles on the front side of your thigh. Here’s how to do them. Sit in a seat then lift and fix one leg without locking your knee. Keep the foot straight, gradually hold for 5. If this activity becomes easier, you can add a lighter weight around your lower leg.

This is otherwise called knee strengthening activity because it strengthens the knee’s presentation and portability of the knee. It similarly develops the elements of the knee further.

The aim of the long arc quad exercise is to help strengthen the muscles of your quadriceps towards the front of your thigh. These muscles are very important for developing knee growth ROM and for everyday life activities, including standing, walking, and sitting.

Hang your feet on the edge of your bed, table, or seat with your knee located on the side – kick your leg straight by pressing your quadriceps muscles and keeping your knee as straight you can do.

Step By Step Instructions For Doing LAQ Exercise.

The long-circular segment quad practice helps to strengthen the quad muscles on the front side of your thigh.

Here’s how to do them.

  • Sit on a chair and then lift and fix a leg without locking your knee.
  • Raise the leg up slowly to 5, keeping it straight.
  • Do this activity 8 to 7 times.
  • Then change and do the other leg.
  • If this activity becomes easier, you can add light weight around your lower leg.
  • Some touch or discomfort may be normal

But if you feel any kind of problem then stop doing any activity.

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LAQ Exercise Objective.

Strengthen the quads, increase the versatility of the knee, whenever it is exceptional to sit for a long period (30 minutes+) to prevent the knee from hardening.

Initial position: sitting in a firm seat with your knee bent and your foot on the floor. Raise your leg up and fix your knee as much as you can. Pause for 3-5 seconds and gradually reduce the repetition 5-20 times, 3 X daily

Movement: Strengthen further by adding weight either by wearing a shoe or by loading the lower part of the foot.

The Long Arc Quad exercise to aid in strengthening the quadriceps muscles is an incredible exercise.

This activity can be done by sitting on the edge of the table or sitting on the seat by comfortably fixing the leg. Stretch your toes/lower leg backwards while fixing your leg. Stand firmly on this base for 2-3 seconds.

Types of Long Arc Quad – LAQ.

High Seat.

Keeping your knee in a tilted position, slowly fix your knee as you lift your leg upwards as shown. Void when attached to the muscles of the quadriceps while fixing your knee.

It is an incredible exercise to help strengthen the muscles of the quadriceps that helps in climbing steps.

Situated Long Arc Quad.

This activity is useful to further develop the strength of the quadriceps (thigh muscle bunch) before or after undergoing the knee’s healing procedure, or in view of supporting a physical problem. To cause trouble, the weight of the lower leg can be used. This activity should be possible 2-3 times a day, on 3 sets, at 10 repetitions, with a 3-second hold.

*Note: Consult your physician or specialist before terminating this activity.

Sitting Kicks.

Sit on a durable chair or on your bed. Fix your knee. Work until you’re holding for 5 seconds. Slowly lower your leg and relax.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What happens to quad after the ACL medical procedure?

After ACL recreation, due to expansion, loss of scope of motion, and stabilization for dynamic evolution, quads can decay and shape and strength can usually be lost rapidly.

2. What Is The Difference Between Short Circular Segment Quads And Long Curve Quads?

Short twist quad practice is an unusual knee rehearsal that targets the muscles of the upper thigh (quadriceps muscle). Sometimes, long-arc quad exercise can cause pain under the knee. For those who have trouble during the long curve quad, a similar exercise can be done in an adjusted position.

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