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Albert Omstead : Net Worth, Workout and Diet Plan

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Albert Omstead was an American circuit tester, professional, cameraman, sound recordist, and team part working in Hollywood. He was notable in the film and media business for his astonishing work as an expert electrical expert and a professional in some high-financial planning projects.

He was not an entertainer, but a member behind the stage group, and we all know that these people are the foundation of any film or TV production. Without their enthusiasm and hard work, no film can deliver a good piece of work.

Albert Omstead Cobra Kai’s repertoire included various, expensive honors. According to his IMDB profile, he had worked as a circuit repairman and behind (though not limited to) part of the stage team in several well-known ventures such as Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Baby Driver and Freaky, some examples to give. He was famous for his work in the hit Netflix series and karate kid spin-off, Cobra Kai.

Albert Omstead  Career.

Albert Omstead’s antics in Cobra Kai were quite popular on social media. Cobra Kai Season 4 was released on December 31. All fans of Cobra Kai are missing Albert Omstead , who was a member of the Cobra crew.

This comedy-drama was very popular all over the world. He was the legendary actor who captured the scene of the cobra behind the camera. The last time he was seen alive, he was fixing the leakage. He died on the spot after the basement wall collapsed.

Albert Omstead Early Years.

Albert Omstead wanted to be a professional actor from the very beginning. Born in the United States in 1982, he was raised by his parents in the US. Albert Omstead is 40 years old as of 2022. He always had the support of his parents throughout his career.

NameAlbert Omstead
Nick NameAlbert
Popular AsAlbert Omstead
Famous ForFor action in cobra kai
Date of Birth1982
Age40 years (As of 2022)
BirthplaceUnited States
HometownUnited States
Name of the SchoolNot known
Name of the CollegeNot known
Education QualificationGraduate
Current ResidenceUnited States
Albert Omstead
Albert Omstead, Image Source: Albert Garth Omstead – Wages and sons

Albert Olmstead Height & Weight.

Heightfeet and inches; 5 feet 9 inches Centimeters = 175 cm Meters; 1.75m
WeightKilogram; 72 kg pounds; 158 lbs
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Measurements of the bodyNot known
Types of BodySlim
Shoe Size9 US

Albert Omstead Net Worth.

Albert Omstead was an American professional actor. Albert Omstead’s net worth in 2021 was $1 million.

Albert Omstead Workout Routine.

Albert is a great fitness enthusiast. He works out for at least half an hour or an hour six days a week according to his busy schedule. He motivates himself to get up every morning and work on his body. Before starting the workout, Albert would do warm-up, cardio or stretching for 10 to 15 minutes to get into the exercise properly.

  • Incline the dumbbell press.
  • Up and Over Shoulder Press.
  • Auxiliary pull-ups and dips.
  • Hip hinging motion.
  • Bulgarian Split Squats.
  • Plank Jack Burpees.
  • Squat glute stretch.
  • Reverse crunch and leg lifts.
  • Push Up Jack.
  • Forward-reverse lunges and squats.
  • Triceps dips to kick the leg in turn.
  • Curl and press.
  • Side crunches.
  • Raises forward and lateral.
  • Lateral band moves.
  • Sidestep Arm Swings.
Barbell Press
Barbell Press

Albert Omstead Diet Plan.

Albert’s diet plan includes meals two to three times a day. Sometimes he even fasted before breakfast. He believes that nutrition plays an important role in maintaining a fit body. So he takes care of every little thing that goes inside his body.

Albert’s diet plan includes:


  • 2 boiled eggs.
  • Avocado Toast.


  • Red meat.
  • Fry the vegetables.
  • Mixed grill.
  • Pavlova.


  • Grilled fish.
  • Dal vegetable soup.
  • Quinoa pear salad with spinach.
  • Cranberry and Pecans.

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