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Breakfast Cereals: Healthy or not?

breakfast cereals

“Breakfast Cereals” are cereals which are made from processed grains and enrich with vitamins, minerals, macro and micro nutrients are known as cereal. It consist more ingredients like cocoa and natural sugar. Fortified Breakfast Cereals.  The list of fortified breakfast cereals are:  Total Whole Grain.  Cracklin’ Oat Bran.  Special K Original.  Kashi GO Lean Original.  …

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Plant Based Meat-Loaded with Nutrients


There are many controversies regarding the source of the protein, whether animal or plant. Further suggest that plant based meat protein is greater to animal based protein. So, here we are there to clear your doubts and will give you a clear view on plant based meat. What is Plant Based Meat? Well, we often …

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