Bulk Up Workout Plan to Gain Lean Muscle Mass


Here you find several simple and effective exercise from starting of the week. Such bulk up workout plan for  skinny guys will definitely help to gain quality of lean muscle mass. If you are a beginner you can start up with these exercises. This workout plan for bulk is equally effective for men and women … Read more

Progressive Resistance Strength Training

Progressive training

Majority of the people who lift weights they don’t have any aim to compete. They lift with the aim of sculpting a physique to improve the performance in the sports, stay fit, look and feel better. They follow the same basic exercise principals “Progressive Resistance Strength Training”. The term “Resistance” defined as “an external force … Read more

What is Magical Quantum Exercise?

What is Quantum Exercise

From the ancient time, we are doing exercise for physical fitness and to achieve an attractive physique. In Dravid and Babalian civilization exercise was a main part of their education system. We can see that effect at present education system also. At present technology takes most of the part of our daily lifestyle that’s why … Read more

5 Best Freehand Exercise Tips for the Beginners

5 Freehand Exercise Beginners

In our busy schedule we all are engaged and ignore our health issues which makes us fat and we ignore our precious health which is priceless. Living a healthy life is dream of each and every one. But we cannot spare our time from our busy schedule. Here we suggest you 5 Best Freehand Exercise … Read more