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Livvy Dunne Leaked

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Livvy Dunne  is an American elite gymnast. She is the youngest in the country to qualify for the Junior International Elite. Dunne started gymnastics training at an early age and soon started participating in various competitions. Her honesty and dedication helped her qualify for a higher level within a short time. Soon, Dunne began participating in state-level competitions and won medals for various events. She then represented the national team and also performed at the international level. Dunne also won the championship held in Italy. Her achievements as a gymnast have made her an impressive fan following on social media. So, today we will tell you about Livvy Dunne Leaked workout routine and diet plan.

Livvy Dunne was born on October 1, 2002, in New Jersey, US to Catherine and David Dunne . She grew up in Hillsdale. She has a sister named Juliana, who plays softball.

Dunne ‘s friends call him “Livy.” She started learning gymnastics at the age of 3. Two years later, she attempted for a gymnastics pre-team at her gym ENA. With her, Dunne started competitive gymnastics. She was trained in ENA Paramus under mentors Craig and Jennifer Zappa.

Height5′ 6″ (167.64 cm)
Weight119 lbs (53.98 kg)
BornOctober 1, 2002
HometownHillsdale, New Jersey
GymEna Paramus

Livvy Dunne Leaked Diet Plan.

Livvy doesn’t comply with a strict food plan plan, however she has shared an instance day of ingesting on TikTok. It’s frequent for influencers to submit a #whatieatinaday video, the place they share all of their meals.

Video Source: Olivia Dunne – I’m still hungry #foryou #whatieatinaday #OliviaDunne #livvy #short

Here’s what an instance day of consuming appears like for Livvy:

Meal 1Acai bowl with strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and coconut flakes
Meal 23 chicken nuggets
Meal 3GoGo Squeeze (mid-practice)
Meal 4Shrimp, pasta, green beans, and cornbread
Meal 52 slices of cheese pizza
Meal 6Ramen noodles
Meal 7Ice cream and 2 Oreo cookies

Livvy Dunne Leaked Workout Plan.

The basis of Livvy’s exercising hobbies is gymnastics. All of her workouts goes into enhancing her athletic performance. In order to do higher in meets, Livvy need to sharpen her abilities as a gymnast. She does a lot up core and top physique workouts to construct strength. Here’s what an instance coaching graph appears like for her:

Sumo deadlift with squat
Sumo deadlift with squat
  • Sumo deadlift with squat 3 x 30 sec followed by 30 sec rest.
  • High squat 3 x 30 sec followed by 30 sec rest.
  • Romanian deadlift 3 x 30 sec followed by 30 sec rest.
  • Overhead shoulder press 3 x 30 sec followed by 30 sec rest.
  • Static lunge 3 x 30 sec (alternating legs) followed by 30 sec rest.
  • Bent over row 3 x 30 sec followed by 30 sec rest.
  • Chest press 3 x 30 sec followed by 30 sec rest.
  • Pullover 3 x 30 sec followed by 30 sec rest.



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