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Mexican Pizza will soon be back: Taco Bell Brings Back Its Popular Menu

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The famous taco bell bowl will soon be back on the menu. The item taco bell is making his comeback after two-years. However, it is return after a petition urging the restaurant to bring it back, which has received over 200,000 signatures.

Mark King, the CEO of Taco Bell, stated, “Mexican Pizza has a long history and product and I’m glad we can give fans what they want and bring back our old Mexican pizza.”

On Monday, the fast food chain announced that its popular Mexican pizza is officially returning on 19th May 2022 after going off the menu in the past 2020, when the chain was bringing back items due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The news comes after a petition urging the restaurant to bring back the items, which was made on Change.Org petition and received more than 200,000 signatures.



Who Invented Mexican Pizza?

It was created by an Indian American Krish Jagirdar, who noted that the menu item is popular in the South Asian community.

Like many American Indians turned to vegetables, we had limited access to ‘delicious’ fast food, so Taco Bell became a bridge to join American culture for many children, who grew up in immigrant homes.

“That’s why it made it particularly devastating when Mexican pizza was removed from the menu in the past 2020, but moved fast two years later and we found the news of the return of mexican pizza.

Additionally, Taco Bell announced that a secret award given to members during the Super Bowl in January is a free Mexican pizza.

Pizza can be ordered without seasoned meats, making it a favorite for vegetarians. It consists of crunchy flour shells, beans, pizza sauce, molten cheese and tomatoes.

Singer Doja Cat, who partners with Taco Bell, was the first to confirm the news of the return of Mexican pizza during her Coachella performance. “I brought back Mexican pizza along the way! ” shouting at the audience.

Taco Bell added in her release, “She literally dropped the mic with the hot news of the return of Mexican pizza this May.

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