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Is Eating Maggi-Instant Noodles Really Bad For Health?

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Have you been eating Maggi for many years? Is it healthy? If your children ate Maggi every day when they were hungry, what bad effects could be on their health? Let’s know about it from experts’ opinions.

If you are alone at home or chill out with friends, children often prefer to eat Maggi made in 2 minutes. But according to a recent official report, Nestle India’s Maggi food is extremely harmful to health. Because it contains an element called lead, which is much higher than the prescribed quantity.(1) Continuous consumption of Maggi increases the risk of serious diseases like kidney failure and cancer.

So, today we discuss about, is Maggi made in 2 minutes really bad for your health. Thereafter, you can protect yourself as well as children and others from the side effects of Maggi.

How Maggi Bad for Your Health?

  1. Makes The Digestive System Weak.
  2. Constipation And Joint Pain.
  3. Reduces Fertility.
  4. Cancer And Kidney Problems.
  5. Loss of Trans Fats.
  6. Deficiency of Nutrients.
  7. Prevent The Development of Children.
  8. Headache.
  9. Prevents Brain Development.
  10. Inflammation of The Liver.

Makes The Digestive System Weak.

Digestive System

Maggi is made of flour which causing it to stick to the intestines of our stomach and cause a lot of damage to the digestive system. Therefore, it should not be consumed continuously.

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Constipation And Joint Pain.


If you also eat Maggi daily or 2-3 times a week. Being made of fine flour, excessive consumption of Maggi makes it stick to the intestine, causing constipation and you may complain of constipation and joint pain. Patients with mild symptoms recover in 4 days.

Reduces Fertility.

fertility is Maggi bad for health

Maggi would have adversely affected the body’s fertility. Frequent consumption can gradually reduce fertility.

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Cancer And Kidney Problems.


Excessive consumption of lead present in Maggi can also lead to serious diseases like cancer and kidney failure in the body.

Loss of Trans Fats.

Maggi has to be boiled in just hot water before making it, as it is already fried in trans fats. Trans fats are extremely harmful to health. So, whenever we eat Maggi, it affects our health.

Deficiency of Nutrients.

Maggi is usually made from fine flour. It contains very small amounts of nutrients of flour and vegetables. Due to which children are not able to get enough nutrients.

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Prevent The Development of Children.

Children usually love to eating Maggi. However, such food prevents physical development due to stomach issues, head and kidney diseases in the body.



Frequent eating Maggi often causes complain of headaches as well as loss of appetite among the children.

Prevents Brain Development.


Consuming of too much Maggi has a very bad effect on the mental development of children. If pregnant women consume Maggi, the lead affects the IQ of the baby in the womb.

Inflammation of The Liver.


Due to the use of fine flour and extremely poor quality preservatives in Maggi, frequent eating can increases the risk of inflammation in the liver. This may lead to stomach ache in children.

Maggi samples tested and found lead content to be more than the limit. According to the official statement, 10 out of 13 samples have lead content more than 2.5 ppm.

The Delhi government will sue Maggi for spreading false propaganda and selling unsafe products to consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How much lead has been found in Maggi?

Preliminary investigation conducted by UP FDA (Food and Drug Administration, Uttar Pradesh) has found lead up to 17 ppm in Maggi packet. While the quantity suggested for daily intake of humans is 0.01 ppm only. As per the statement of the Delhi Government, only 2.5 ppm of lead is prescribed.

2. What to do to flush out excess lead from the body?

You cannot fully flush out lead from the body as it accumulates in the body. By drinking antioxidant juice like cranberry, you can reduce its effect on the body. Eat as many green vegetables as possible and drink more water, which will reduce toxic load and improve the digestive system.

3. What happens if you eat foods that are high in lead?

Lead collects in the body and has a long-term adverse effect on your body such as adversely affecting digestion. It also affects the brain, kidneys and fertility.

4. Are children more at risk?

Children are more at risk than they may have brain problems because their body absorbs lead more than adults.

5. What is the status of MSG in Maggi?

The amount of MSG present in a Maggi packet is not accurately estimated, MSG causes brain problems, headaches, liver inflammation etc. It poses a risk of metabolic syndrome and obesity as well as reduces appetite. There are many other dangers that you should be aware of.

6. Maggi is high in MSG, so can eating it cause cancer?

It is true that prolonged intake of MSG and lead can also lead to cancer. Since Maggi is high in both of them, it also poses a risk of cancer.

7. What if I’ve been eating Maggi for a month?

You may complain of abdominal pain due to lack of proper digestion as lead accumulates in the body.

8. What if I eat Maggi once a week?

Maggi is high in MSG and lead, with no symptoms of side effects initially.

9. What is it right to eat Maggi in general?

Maggi is made from refined flour which is difficult to digest. It contains preservatives which are not good for health as well as it contains high salt which can cause high blood pressure.

10. It is said that it contains nutrients. Is that correct?

Although it is advertised in the same way that it is rich in nutrients and proteins, it does not contain nutrients or fibre. It is rich in carbohydrates which are not good for the body.

11. Are Maggi oats and Maggi flour noodles healthy?

It is claimed that Maggi oats contain oats and flour but it is not actually present in it. Both of them are added to the flour, so the quantity of flour is more than these and the quantity of oats and flour in front of the flour is negligible.

12. What type of Maggi do you recommend to eat?

It is people’s favourite and quick-to-prepare snack. You can take other options like oats and flour noodles sometimes when you don’t have any other option.

13. In how many days can you eat Maggi, if it is found that it is not high in lead?

In such a situation, you can eat Maggi sometimes in 15-20 days. Don’t eat it daily as it is not good for health.

14. What is the ideal time to eat Maggi?

Never eat Maggi in breakfast as it contains more carbohydrates like fine flour, which is hard to digest. It does not give you instant strength to start the day. You may consume it in the evening or after launch.

15. I am feeding my child Maggie. Isn’t that right for her health?

Maggi is high in fine flour i.e. carbohydrates and low in nutrients, proteins and fiber. So, it would be better to eat a good healthy food instead. You can feed Maggi to the baby once a month to change the taste.

16. My child is 3 years old. Can I give him Maggie?

In the first 5 years, the child’s brain develops faster. Therefore, proper nutrition is very important for the proper development of the brain. Eating foods that are high in lead can block brain growth. Even if it is low in lead, since it does not contain any nutrients, it is not the right age to feed Maggi to the child.

17. Are the dry vegetables added to Maggi suitable for eating?

Dry vegetables contain preservatives that reduce metabolic rates and digestion. It would be better if you ignore them.

18. What is the right age to feed Maggi to the child?

The right age to feed Maggi to the child is five years. But give only once a month instead of daily.

Bottom Line.

In today’s world due to our busy schedule we all prefer to have quick ready to eat foods like Maggi. But, maggi can creates an adverse effects on our health, which causes many health issues as discussed above. So, it is always suggested to prefer a healthy balanced diet instead of commercial food products. As health is our great wealth.

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