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Plant Based Diet or Vegan Diet: Types, Benefits and Mistakes

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There are usually many misunderstandings about the Vegan diet. People get confuse that vegan means vegetarian diet, while it is not a reality. It is very vital to know what kind of diet it is. Today, we will tell you all the important things related to the Vegan diet.

What is Plant Based Diet or Vegan Diet?

For the past few years, the tradition of celebrating the World Vegan Day across India has been introduced on November one. In this diet, a person can only include things like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses and dry fruits etc. You cannot drink milk or dairy products in this diet. Experts opined that cows use a large amount of fresh water as compared to vegetables, causing damage to the environment. That is why the Vegan diet forbids the use of everything that is prepared from animal meat or milk.

According to this diet, if you are extracting meat, milk and eggs from your diet, it is necessary to include fruits, vegetables, whole grains for a balanced meal. Also, there is a need to bring variety in food to get vitamins, proteins and fibre etc. So, it is essential to take care of these things. Interestingly, many celebrities and athletes also follow this diet plan.

Types of Vegan Diet.

Before starting, it is very important to know the types of vegan diet. However, Vegan diet are many types, but basically it is three types;

  • Whole Wheat Vegan Diet:  Fruits, vegetables, lentils and nuts are included in this.
  • Raw Food Vegan Diet:  This category includes raw fruits, vegetables, nuts or plant-based food items.
  • Thrive Diet:  This is a mixture of both wheat and raw food.

Benefits of Vegan Diet.

Full of Nutrients.

The biggest advantage of this diet is, it is enrich with nutrients. You can easily find all the important nutrients from this diet. If abundant fruits, vegetables and cereals are consume, the nutrients present in them easily help you to stay healthy.

Control Blood Pressure.

Blood Pressure

This diet does not contain any substances that spike your blood sugar. At the same time, you receive a large amount of complex carbohydrates, which keeps control your blood pressure level.(1), (2)

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Overcome Depression.

The Vegan diet has a plethora of fruits and nuts, with plenty of anti-oxidants and omega 3. This eradicate depression and anxiety.(3)

Vegan Diet Benefits Weight Loss.

Weight Loss

The researchers believe that this diet is more helpful for weight loss. It does not consist such food that increase weight. So, it helps a lot to lose weight. At the same time, plant-based food are rich in fibre. In such a way, the stomach is filled quickly and you don’t even feel hungry all day long. As a result you can easily avoid overeating. That is why this diet is helpful in weight loss.(4),(5)

Improve Digestion.

Vegan diet contains high fibre which strengthen your digestive system. This improves your digestion power.(6)

Provide Better Sleep.

If you also include things like bananas, almonds and sweet potato in the diet, it provides you better sleep. People suffering from insomnia should follow this diet with these food.(7)

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Detox Body and Enhance Energy.

Vegan diet contains plenty of protein and iron. This increases the energy level. It also removes tiredness and strengthens the body. While the diet is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, your body becomes detox.(8)

Vegan Diet Benefits Skin.

The antioxidants present in fruits and vegetable plays a vital role in prevention from premature aging and gives skin a natural glow.

Mistakes To Be Avoid.

Not Everything Is Healthy.

If you feel that you are just eating salads in the Vegan diet, there will be no problem. So you are thinking wrong. Yes, people often make many mistakes while following the Vegan diet, while you must know the right way to follow it. It is not necessary that all the vegetables that are consume in the Vegan diet are effective and nutritious.

Many people claim that soy products are the best option in vegan. They do not hesitate to consume processed food items of soy. However, it is a myth. The fact is that, such processed food items are very high in calories and also in proteins. You should avoid such food items without the advice of the physician.

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Replacing Cheese with Meat.

Whenever you follow Vegan diet, it comes to the point that, we can use cheese as a alternative of meat, but it is a misunderstanding. Excessive use of cheeses harms the body as it does not contain necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals. Many people start consumption more than the limit. It is also causes harmful effects to the body.

Drinking Enough Water.


In any diet, it is very important to drink enough water. Especially those who are following the Vegan diet. It is necessary to drink water continuously with fiber. But while following the diet, it becomes a mistake that everyone forgets to drink water. Due to lack of water, excessive fibre sometimes damaged the body. Then it seems to be prone to heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Drinking water improve digestive process and eradicate the problems like gas, constipation or bloating.

Focus on Nutrients.

It is true that you should not try to ignore your nutrients when you follow the Vegan diet. Majority of people are unknown the difference between protein and calories. In the name of protein, these people start to consume high calorie foodstuffs. So, despite the dieting, they fail to loose weight.

The people who follow the Vegan diet should not only change the diet but also the cooking oil. More fruits and vegetables should be used in your diet in spite of processed food. It is also important to take care of the proteins, carbohydrates, iron, magnesium, because these are essential elements for the body. Complete your chart by taking feedback from your expert.

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Ensure Meal Planning.

While following the Vegan diet, it is always a mistake to avoid meal planning. People feel that fruits and vegetables can eat at any time. But it is also a myth. You must make the right planning before you follow any diet.

Talk to your physician, plan your meals in the right way, so that you can get a proper and balanced diet. When you travel, you should have a separate planning. Also remember it is not correct to just eat fruits or eat them in excess quantity.

Reasons Which Make The Vegan Diet Unhealthy.

Health Complications.

The person who is not able to incorporate animal proteins into the diet and use soy proteins instead. It becomes necessary to use tofu, soya milk and other things. Experts believe that sometimes it increases the hormonal problem. In addition to vitamin B12, there is also a shortage of zinc absorption in the Vegan diet. However, vegan diet is likely to increase the level of blood sugar.

Sometimes carbohydrates are consume in large quantities. If you have the hassle of eating more than the limit, you can eat anything at any time. However, it is difficult to maintain this diet for a long time.

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Lack of Iron.

There is no doubt that meat is an important source of vitamins, minerals as well as iron. The kind of iron that is present in the flesh, body quickly absorb it. This is a problem due to non-inclusion of meat in the Vegan diet. Therefore, it is very important to include food items like lentils, beans, cereals, nuts, seed grains and oats etc to meet the iron deficiency.

Lack of Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is important for your body. It helps to maintain healthy red blood cells. It is true that vitamin B12 is most commonly found in animals, especially in eggs and milk products. However, when you follow vegan diet, there is a possibility of deficiency of vitamin B12. This can also causes complaints of anemia. In such a way, follow this diet and consult your physicians for its alternatives.

Lack of Nutrients.

It is very clear that if you are going to follow the Vegan diet, it is obvious that you will eat more plant food. As a result, there is a shortage of vitamin B12 and the keratin molecule which basically found in animals, which causes strong muscles. This molecule are also considered for brain function.

Carnosine is a kind of anti-oxidant, which is essential for the brain. It is also lacking in the Vegan diet which is basically found in animals. In addition, vitamin D3 is also lacking in vegan diet, which protects the body against osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease and depression. Also, there is a shortage of DHA, which is omega 3 fatty acids. The people who follow this diet are also found to be deficient in taurine, which is a sulphur compound.


Often people themselves start making vegan diet in their own way. However, it becomes very important to understand under what circumstances this diet can be harmful. If your body already lacks any kind of vitamins or anaemia or you are allergic to many plants, you should avoid adopting such a diet. Even if you have sugar, go ahead with the advice of your expert.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can I follow plant based diet in Pregnancy?

Not at all. In pregnancy, you should follow the diet entirely on the advice of your doctor. It is not correct to take any risk at that time. It is important that you take all the nutritious things, so do not forget to make the mistake of becoming a vegan.

2. Can diabetics follow vegan diet?

You will also be given the same opinion that you should first consult your expert physician. However, it is true that there are many things in the vegan that can help you to control sugar level and excessive weight. But in Vegan diet you have to take care of time management and product management.

3. Is vegan diet right for a long time?

No, if you look carefully, the body lack several nutrients in vegan diet. Deficiency of Vitamin D along with other vital nutrients causes several health complications. An attempt should be made to follow such a diet that can be maintain for the long term.

4. What is the budget of vegan diet?

It is not exact. It consist plants, fruits and vegetables, dry fruits in large quantities and daily food, so it is not a cheap diet.

5. Can the vegan diet of celebrities be followed?

Not at all. Everyone’s body has its own structure and need. You don’t live a lifestyle like celebrities, so you should take care to follow this diet only after consulting your physician.

Bottom Line.

Vegan diet is one of the most nutritious diet that followed by many people including celebrities. It is believed that vegan diet keeps you fit and healthy. Despite of having lot of health benefits this diet lacks few important nutrients which are essential for body and health. Therefore, before going for this diet it is advised to consult to your doctor or dietitian.

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