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The Diet of a Professional Football Player

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Every aspiring athlete of any professional sport must be sure to keep their physical stature in check and maintain a respectable balance of intake from various foods and beverages, with one of the most demanding dietary plans being that of a professional football player of any major league or who occupies one of the many available positions on the pitch.

Some footballers may have a different overall diet plan compared to others due to their reliance on gaining attributes for their physical output, with defenders often aiming to bulk up their muscular and stocky build, while wingers or strikers may look to consume a diet that focuses around improving their speed and awareness on the field when it comes to taking on defenders.

The best players on the planet today and throughout history have always been heavily reliant on their dietary plan as a means to maintain their bodies physically look and also their play on the pitch for a longer period of time, with certain foods being especially key for any player who is raring to enjoy a continuously successful career at the topflight for the foreseeable future.

For anyone interested in what the average dietary intake looks like for some of the best players in the world, here’s a full breakdown on what the typical player from almost every position may consume to help maintain their bodies output:

1. Forward.

Some attackers may have a different playstyle compared to others as the likes of Kylian Mbappe may rely on their speed and quick movement to beat defenders, whilst other players such as Erling Haaland may rely on their freakish athleticism to better any opponent when attempting to make a beeline towards the net.

The aforementioned Erling Haaland is already one of the world’s best players after helping Manchester City claim a treble winning campaign last season, which has the Citizens in pole position to win the league again this season according to the latest betting odds.

The Norwegian striker has already captured the attention of numerous fans and outlets due to his incredible combination of size, speed and strength which is unlike anything the footballing world has ever witnessed before.

Haaland’s miraculous build can be attributed to many factors, but one key reason is due to the City striker’s diet, which he has replicated to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo as a means to maintain his physique into his mid-to-late 30s.

This diet mainly consists of foods such as Swordfish, sea bass and sea beam as well as a dish labelled as ‘bacalhau a braz’ which is a mixture of cod, onions, eggs and potatoes, a perfect meal that blends plenty of nutritious foods.

Alongside a wide selection of seafood, there is also plenty of chicken and pasta dishes consumed without any salt or oil seasonings throughout the course of the day, as Ronaldo’s diet usually includes the Portuguese star consuming around six freshly made mini meals in a single day, with water being the only beverage that is drank alongside an occasional fruit drink.

2. Midfielder.

Depending on what role a midfielder play, whether it being box-to-box, defensive or attacking, they still need to uphold a diet that meets the criteria of their position.

One midfielder who always sticks to a very sophisticated plan is former Chelsea and Leicester City defensive midfielder N’Golo Kante who was arguably the best player at his position during his peak years in the Premier League.

At a height of 5’7, Kante is not physically gifted by any means and would have to rely on his stamina gauge and movement to remain a threat in the heart of numerous successful sides.

Much like Haaland and Ronaldo, Kante usually consumes numerous pasta dishes during the day as well as fruits and cereals with almond milk for breakfast.

Dinner revolves around grilled fish with vegetables, rice or a salad, with a smoothie being a preferred choice for a snack.

Given that Kante has won numerous league titles, a Champions League and a FIFA World Cup, it’s fair to say that this dietary plan was a success for the French international as he now enters a new chapter of his career in Saudi Arabia.

3. Defender & Goalkeeper.

The backline and keeper spots are the most physical part of any team as they must prevent the opposition from scoring by any means necessary, ensuring that a majority of their diets are mainly focused around building up muscle and keeping their bodies healthy for the longest period out of any other position.

Former Real Madrid center half Sergio Ramos is widely regarded as one of the best players of his generation and is still playing at a highly respectable level even into his late 30s alongside an impressive physique.

The multiple time Champions League and World Cup winner will consume healthy foods throughout the day but in rather small portions, which includes a nutritious breakfast with whole-grain bread, coffee, a choice of protein and a piece of fruit.

For lunchtime, Ramos enjoys vegetable and beef salads with sides of potatoes and pumpkin seeds, as well as a dark chocolate desert or a mid-afternoon snack such as a banana or protein shake.

Finally, dinner is often a familiar seafood dish of cod seasoned with lemon, olives and various herbs alongside roasted vegetables served with balsamic vinegar, whole grain rice and a glass of water.

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