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Know About The Incredible Health Benefits of Fox Nuts

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Fox Nuts, which falls under the category of dried nuts, is used in India as well as all over the world for its incredible health benefits. It is useful to make sweet dishes and also consumed as a dry fruit. Its different taste can be enjoyed in several ways.

But, you will be surprised to know that with taste, it is also very beneficial for your overall health. It contains several nutrients that can help you to get rid of many serious diseases like obesity, diabetes and high BP. So, in this article, we will tell you in detail about the many such miraculous benefits and uses of Fox Nuts.

Fox Nuts Health Benefits.

The health benefits of fox nuts are:

  1. Helps in Weight Loss.
  2. Control Blood Pressure. 
  3. Prevent Diabetes.
  4. Take Care of the Heart.
  5. Good Source of Protein.
  6. Constipation.
  7. Beneficial during Pregnancy.
  8. Insomnia.
  9. Diarrhea and Loose Motion.
  10. Gums Makes Stronger.
  11. Beneficial for Kidney.
  12. Prevent Wrinkles.
  13. Anti-aging Effect. 

Fox Nuts for Weight Loss.

Weight Loss

Fox nuts can be used to prevent the problem of obesity. According to experts, a particular element of ethanol is found in the Fox Nuts. A research found that the use of ethanol extracted from lotus seeds can be a great component to control obesity factors. Therefore, its use can prove helpful to reduce weight (1).

Fox Nuts for Blood Pressure.

Blood Pressure

Regular use of fox nut can control your Blood pressure. A particular alkaloid found in it works to control the problem of hypertension. However, hypertension raise the problem of high blood pressure. So, its use can prove helpful to control the problem of BP (2).

Fox Nuts for Diabetes.

diabetes insulin

It can also be used to relieve the problem of diabetes. Based on a research, it has been confirmed that the resistance starch found in the Fox Nuts have low hypoglycemic (blood sugar reduction) effect. The research also found that its regular use control the amount of insulin as well as increase it (3).

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Fox Nuts for Heart.


It is effective for the health heart because alkaloids and certain nutrients found in it work to reduce heart-related risk. Research conducted in this regard has confirmed that the use of food helps to relieve the problem of high blood pressure, which is directly related to cardiovascular health. In another research, it has been mentioned that, the use of many parts of the lotus, such as leaves, fruits, flowers and seeds etc., can prove to be beneficial for heart health (4).

Fox Nuts a Good Source of Protein.

According to experts, it contains abundant amount of protein. Therefore, it fulfill the protein deficiency. As a result, many problems arising from the deficiency of the protein can also be overcome.

Fox Nuts for Constipation.

Fox Nuts is also considered to be helpful regarding the complaint of constipation. Because it contains fibre with many useful nutrients. According to experts, fiber proves to be helpful to eradicate the complaint of constipation. Therefore, it can be said that it is good way to get rid of the complaint of constipation.

Fox Nuts Beneficial during Pregnancy.

Yoga For Pregnant Women

There are many nutrients such as folic acid, iron, zinc and calcium that a woman needs a lot during pregnancy (5). According to experts, all these nutrients are found in abundance in this food. For this reason, it can be assumed that, this food also meet the nutrient deficiency during pregnancy.

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Fox Nuts for Insomnia.

Insomnia benefits of Fox Nuts

It is believed that some special alkaloids are found in Fox Nuts. Their presence is considered helpful to relieve the problems such as blood cleansing and cooling of the body, eliminating neurological disorders, as well as insomnia and discomfort (6).

Fox Nuts for Diarrhea and Loose Motion.

According to experts, anti-diarrheal effects are found in the Fox Nuts(7). For this reason, it is beneficial to overcome the problem of diarrhea or loose motion.

Fox Nuts for Stronger Gums.

According to experts, vitamin-A is found in the food along with calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. All these elements are considered to be very beneficial for gum health(8). There are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects found in the Fox Nuts. Both the properties found in the food can help to prevent the root caused by gingivitis and bacterial effects. On the other hand, alkaloid and nelumbium, found in the flower of the food, can help to overcome the problem of bleeding(9). It can be assumed that a small amount of these elements found in the food are very effective for overall health.

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Fox Nuts Beneficial for Kidney.

kidney benefits of Fox Nuts

According to experts, it contains some elements such as alkaloids, lysine, isoleucine, and neferine. All these elements helps to reduce the risk factors associated with the liver. This improves the function of the liver. However, these elements are also effective to reduce the risks related to the liver as well as kidney. It can be said that regular use of food can prove to be beneficial for kidney.

Fox Nuts to Prevent Wrinkles.

According to experts, many antioxidants are found in this food. According to a research, it has been confirmed that all antioxidants found in the food exhibit syngenetic effects (mixed effects) for the skin. The same effect helps to remove wrinkles on the skin (10).

Fox Nuts for Anti-aging Effect.

According to experts, it has some qualities that protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. The research also confirms that Fox Nut tea can eradicate the skin related problems such as photo-aging (ultra violet effect) and regular aging (age-related disorders).

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Fox Nuts Nutrition.

Let see through the chart about the nutritional value in the food.

NutrientUnitQuantity per 100g
Total lipid (fat)G1.97
Vitamin B-6Mg0.629
Vitamin A (RAE)Μg3
Vitamin A (IU)IU50
Fatty acids (saturated)G0.330
Fatty acids (monosaturated)G0.388
Fatty acids (polysaturated)G1.166

Fox Nuts Recipe.

However, it can be used in many ways, which we’ll learn with the help of certain points.

  • The food can be used to eat in snacks.
  • Many people consume it as a sweet dish.
  • You can include it with peas and paneer while making vegetables.
  • Consume this dried nuts with sugar syrup for a long time.
  • Can be used as a snack in the morning or evening meal.

In general, 20 to 30 grams can be used in any form at a time. At present, there is no scientific evidence in this regard.

Side Effects of Fox Nuts.

There are no scientific evidence available about any side effects of this nuts. Nevertheless, through some points, we will know the common aspects of it.

However, this food is beneficial for constipation, which has been mentioned in the article. But in this problem you should avoid regular use of this food. Otherwise, you may face problems like gas, abdominal pain and some nutrient deficiency (11).

Some people may be allergic with this food. Because of the high amount of potassium found in it. In such a situation, consult the doctor immediately (12).

People who are using insulin to control diabetes should avoid the use of Fox Nuts.

Steroids are also found in the Fox Nuts, so its excessive intake may be prone to some mouth-related problems with mouth irritation (13),(14).

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Where to buy fox nuts?

Anyone can buy fox nuts from shopping malls or grocery stores. Now a days, it is also available on online market like amazon, flipkart etc.

Bottom Line.

Now you may aware about the incredible health benefits Fox Nuts. In the article, you have been told in detail about the qualities, uses and benefits of the Fox Nuts. At the same time, you have also been informed through the article about the diseases in which it can be used. So if you are also thinking of including this food in your regular diet, you can go for it. Hope that the information in the article will help you to solve many health problems.

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