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What Is Acupressure Points With Pros And Cons

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Acupressure is being used in China for thousands of years. The principle of acupuncture therapy is applied to treat acupressure, so acupressure is sometimes called pressure acupuncture. So let us know about the Acupressure Points.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure therapy has been an important place in the past 2000 years as a traditional Chinese medical treatment and is still being used in all over the world. This fact is a testimony to the benefits of acupressure therapy in the treatment of sickness and pain.

Acupressure is a skill of sending signals to awaken the body’s ability to heal and organize itself. Just as vitality is given a lot of importance in yoga. Life energy is the importance of traditional Chinese remedies. It is believed that the flow of this life energy inside our body occurs through some ducts.

This hinders natural flow or imbalance can cause illness and pain. It improves the flow of life energy by correcting this imbalance, making the body in its natural healthy state.

Acupressure Points.

Acupressure point is a point on the body on which pressure is exerted, such a point is also called a pressure point. While there are over 1000 acupressure points, apart from those here are main eight key points;

Gallbladder 20 (GB20).

Gall Bladder (GB20) Image Source: Feng Chi: Gallbladder 20 Acupressure Point

This point is on the neck next to the ear towards the back part of your head. From this point there is headache, migraine, blurred vision or fatigue, lethargy and cold, flu symptoms etc., can be treated.

Gallbladder 21 (GB21).

gb 21
Gallbladder 21 (GB21) Image Source: The wonders of Gallbladder 21

This point occurs in the upper part of your shoulder. It is awakened with thumb and middle finger. This point can be used for the treatment of stress, facial pain, headaches and neck pain. It should be used carefully in a pregnant woman.

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Foot Acupressure Points.

Liver 3 (LR-3).

Liver 3 (LR-3) Image Source- Liver Meridian

This point is on the top of the toes with the thumb and the finger near it. This point is good for stress, groin pain, BP, body aches, insomnia and emotional discomfort.

Hand Acupressure Points.

Large Intestine 4 (LI 4).

LI 4
Large Intestine 4 (LI 4)

It is found in the soft part between the thumb and the four fingers of our hand. This point is good for the treatment of stress, facial pain, headaches, toothache or neck pain. Never use this point in a pregnant woman.

Triple Energizer 3 (TE-3).

TE 3
Triple Energizer 3 (TE-3)

This point is found in the claws of your hand between the veins of the fourth and fifth finger. This point is used in headache, shoulder and neck strain and back pain.

Pericardium 6 (P-6).

Pericardium 6 (P-6)

This point occurs on the wrist, four inches above the palm of your hand. It can also be used for nausea, anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome, trouble caused by pressure on a particular type of nerve, stomach upset, motion sickness, headache and even heart nervousness.

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GV 20 or DU 20.

GV 20 OR DU 20
GV 20 or DU 20

This position is placed in the centre of the head, where many people keep the peak. It is beneficial to improve memory also reduce irritability, depression, hyper activity and soothes the mind. Especially effective for children who are studying.

LI 11.

LI 11

This position is placed on the outer part of the elbow. Beneficial for cholesterol, blood pressure, throat infection, urine infection, vomiting, diarrhea and jaundice, etc. Effective in every disease related to blood.

Stomach 36 (ST-36).

st 36
Stomach 36 (ST 36) Image Source: Acupuncture Points—Focus on Stomach 36

This point is four inches below the knee on your foot. This point benefits in fatigue, depression, knee pain, stomach and intestine discomfort.

Spleen 6 (SP-6).

Sp 6
Spleen 6 (SP-6) Image Source: Big Tree School of Natural Healing

This point is slightly upwards of the heel in the inner part of your foot. This point helps in urinary and pelvic diseases as well as fatigue and insomnia.

Acupressure Points for Sleep.

According to various studies, there are more than 350 pressure points in the body. However, all of them have nothing to do with sleep. Here, are the best pressure points for sleep.

An Mian.

an mian
An Mian Image Source: Healthy Living Acupuncture

Image with spot under ear lob to identify mian pressure point.

One of the easiest pressure points to find out, The An Mian Spot is at the back of your ear. It usually occurs directly between your earlob and the hairline behind your neck. Massage this place before going to bed using your thumb or index finger and you will quickly start feeling slow, making you ready to go to sleep.

Wind Pool.

Wind pool pressure points are actually two pressure points on the symmetrical sides of the neck. These are the points usually where your hairline ends, just below where your neck meets the curve of your skull.

To help induce sleep, apply pressure together on these points using both hands. Holding your hands together and cuping the back of your head is a good idea so that each wind pool can massage the pressure point, pointing your thumb down. Soften, spherical motion or constantly apply pressure for 3 minutes before going to bed.

Yin Tang.

Perhaps one of the most famous acupressure points, Yin Tang is the space between the eyes directly. Use your finger or thumb and apply light pressure between your eyes and eyebrows. You should feel a little leisure where the pressure feels comfortable.

yin tang
Yin Tang Image Source: Yintang for Stress Relief

For those suffering from migraine or sinus pain, this is one of the best acupressure points that should be addressed. It not only helps in motivating sleep, but also adequate massage and focus on the area can help lighten the tension on your forehead, jaw, neck and shoulders.

Internal Frontier Gate.

Located on the inner wrist, from where you will measure your pulse, it is really easy to include this pressure point for sleep in your bedtime routine. You will find it in a dip between two tendons in your wrist. Gently apply a little pressure on your wrist with your thumb and you will see two clear tendons. The space between the two is the inner boundary gate.

inner fronteir gate
Inner Frontier Gate Image Source: Eight Pressure points for anxiety

Since it doesn’t require any inconvenient manoeuvres to reach, it’s what you can keep pressing until you go into a dreamy sleep. Massage in circular motion for a few minutes at this pressure point before going to bed. If you like, it can help you slow down and continue to pressure without speed to provide you quality sleep.

Acupressure for Induced Labor. 

Below we list out some acupressure points that have been empirically proven to encourage contraction and reduce pain during childbirth. The practitioner needs to follow a sequence by putting firm pressure (without massage) for 1-3 minutes per point.

Pericardium 8 Points.

Pericardium 8 Points
Pericardium 8 Points Image Source: Pericardium 8

It can help to inspire Labor and is also called the Labor Palace.

Location: It is situated in the the palm area between the second and third metacarpals and is located at the tip of the middle finger where it touches the palm when you loose your fist.

How to: Use the thumb of the other hand to apply light pressure to the point. Put pressure on point holding for 1 to 3 minutes.

Bladder 32 Points.

bladder 32 Acupressure Points
Bladder 32 Image Source: Acupressure point

Ciliao is said to trigger labour contractions, and it is useful for women who are experiencing back pain.

Location: It is located between dimples and lumbar spine above the buttocks, i.e., the length of an index finger above the buttock crease, and the width of almost one thumb on either side of the spine. You may feel a little depression at this time.

How to: Apply continuous pressure on both bladders for 1-3 minutes at 32 points

Spleen 6 Point.

Sp 6 Acupressure Points
Spleen 6 (SP-6) Image Source: Big Tree School of Natural Healing

Spleen 6 Acupressure point is known to reduce the duration of labor and reduce pain.

Location: Inside the shin bone, four finger width (of pregnant woman) above the highest point of the ankle bone.

How to: Use your thumb to apply constant pressure for 1-3 minutes at this point to encourage contractions and prevent pain management as during each contraction for 1 minute.

Large Intestine 4 Point (LI4).

LI 4 Acupressure Points
Large Intestine 4 Point

Also known as Joining Valley, this point helps in managing pain.

Location: Between your thumb and index finger muscle in the back of the hand.

How to: Apply firm pressure for 3 minutes using your second-hand thumb to invite labor and manage pain.

Bladder 60 Points.

bladder 60 Acupressure Points
Bladder 60 Image Source: Improve Your Homoeopathic Knowledge

This pressure point is also useful for helping the baby engage (descend) and manage labour pains.

Location: It is located in between the tip of the lateral malleolus (outer ankle bone) and the outer edge of the achilles tendon.

How to: Apply firm pressure by using your thumb holding the point for the duration of contraction.

How To Do Acupressure?

Acupressure therapy is completed in the following stages;

Stage 1.

Massage with a lighter press on the acupressure point.

Stage 2.

When massaging at the acupressure point, sit comfortably in a convenient place and close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Stage 3.

Massage when you like it again and again. There are no rules on how many times a day you can find it convenient as often.

Stage 4.

You can massage these acupressure points yourself or take the help of another. However, it is safer to massage with a good acupressure specialist.

How Acupressure Works?

Acupressure therapy is putting pressure on certain points of the body and it increases the flow of energy. It has to work very closely to put pressure in this way because there are 365 channels inside our body and in addition there are 650 other channels. Like the mechanism of blood vessels, these channels also have networks of their connections.

In these channels, different techniques are used to influence energy. This includes – strengthening, diffusing or calming down. It strengthened the weak energy, unleashed the paused energy and tempered more active energy.

Acupressure points are normally pressured from a few seconds to a few minutes. Pressure is exerted on the massage of acupressure points or by pressing these points with something or using both methods together.

However, the acupressure points that are put under pressure may be sensitive but acupressure should not hurt. Treatment can be given every day or several times a day according to the condition of the disease.

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Benefits of Acupressure Points.

There has not been much research on the health benefits of acupressure. However, you may get benefit from the following difficulties;

Acupressure for Cancer.

Acupressure therapy protects from nausea occurring immediately after the treatment of cancer from chemotherapy and can also help to increase energy levels, reduce pain, stress and reduce symptoms of cancer.

Acupressure for Nausea.

Nausea and vomiting can be treated with acupressure of the wrist according to some researches.

Acupressure for Pain.

Some primary evidence suggests that acupressure therapy can help in groin pain, post-operation pain and headache. This can also beneficial for other kinds of pain.

Acupressure for Arthritis.

According to some studies, acupressure therapy releases endorphins in our body and this therapy promotes anti-inflammatory effects, which helps in certain types of arthritis diseases.

Acupressure for Depression and Anxiety.

Some studies show that acupressure therapy can improve fatigue and mood. If you have headaches, stress, dizziness, brain imbalance or nose, ear and eye problems, it will benefit from suppressing the bending part inside the back of the ear.

Acupressure to Boost Immunity.

Cholesterol, throat problem, hips, vomiting, blood pressure and immunity problems will benefit from pressing the hand-turning part, the back part of the elbow.

Acupressure for Toothache.

When there is a problem of toothache, press the middle of the forefinger and thumb by turning the palm upside down. In addition, there are two points on the jaw in the outer line of the eyes which will benefit when pressed.

Acupressure for Knee Pain.

Press around, back, right and left, the point on the front of the knee when you face knee pain, stiffness, swelling, etc. It will also be beneficial to put pressure on the point of the soles of the foot near the heel.

Acupressure for Thyroid Problem.

When there is thyroid problem, put pressure on both hands and the raised part just below the thumb of both the feet. Make it in the bearing of the bush needle and leave it. Keep doing it for some time.

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Side Effects of Acupressure.

Like any other treatment, acupressure therapy can also have some side effects, such as;

  • Putting pressure on the wrong points does not beneficial for the problem and sometimes it can cause many other problems.
  • Too much or too little pressure does not help. In fact, too much pressure can cause fractures in that part of the body.
  • Getting acupressure therapy in pregnancy can cause miscarriage and if pressure is put on the wrong point, both mother and child may be at risk.
  • Some diseases can be cured for a short period of time but may occur again.
  • If the disease is too old, acupressure therapy can cause harm to the advantages and the disease can be even more serious.
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Some Useful Tips on Acupressure.

There are total 365 points of our body that are very effective and provide relief to many kinds of diseases. These points are;

-Walk barefoot for 10-15 minutes daily in the soil. Walking barefoot is the points in the sole, which increases the blood flow. This reduces fatigue, stress and relieves pain in the legs, knees and body. Those who do not want to walk barefoot should massage the sole with mustard or any oil until they get heat.

-Massage twice a week with any oil 5-10 minutes of the head thoroughly. In addition, CV 20 points (where many people keep the peak) 15-20 times a day with a mild hand. About 100 points are awake. Effective for depression to memory loss and also beneficial for Parkinson’s problem.

  • Massaging the lower ear lobe for five minutes a day improves memory.
  • Rub the sole daily with a brush for 4-5 minutes during the bath.
  • Clean the tongue daily by rubbing the back part of the brush. The tongue has points of heart and kidney etc.
  • 5-7 minutes of applause every day. This awake the acupressure points in the hands.

*Note:   The methods described here improve the immune system. Keep in mind that they do not cure the whole disease, but will definitely get relief. The disease has to be treated completely to cure.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Does acupressure works?

There may be some lack of research on the work of acupressure, because there are no proven evidence are still found regarding its overall health benefits. However, some studies promote that it release natural pain releasing chemicals in the body, also known as “endorphins”. So, as a result we can say that acupressure can work if we apply with the right strategy and under the supervision of a specialist.

Bottom Line.

Generally acupressure is a very safe treatment. If you have cancer, heart and chronic disease consult your doctor before undergoing any therapy. Get therapy from a registered acupressure therapist.

Acupressure is a type of medical practice in which health problems can be solved by pressing the point at different places of the body. In fact, these points are internally related to the places where you are having problems. Try those above mentioned acupressure points which will be very helpful and beneficial for you.

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