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Acupressure Points for Belly Fat Loss

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Traditional treatment methods provide variety of benefits to the body. One such treatment method is acupressure, which we will talk about today. Acupressure provides a variety of benefits to the body, but in this article we will tell you how Acupressure Points can helps in belly fat loss.

Yes, if someone wants to lose weight or belly fat, acupressure points can help them effectively. Here we will tell you about all acupressure points that can lead to weight loss. Just read this article till the end to find out the acupressure points and the right way to press it.

Are Acupressure Points Effective In Weight Loss or Belly Fat Loss?

Yes, acupressure is effective in weight loss and belly fat loss. This is also mentioned in a research paper published by the NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology). The research proved that acupressure can help to reduce body mass index (BMI).(1)

Research also suggests that acupressure can be used to reduce belly fat as well as weight gain in the waist and hips. Not only that, acupressure is also considered helpful in improving the brain health of obese people.

How Does Acupressure Therapy Lead To Weight Loss?

Research has found that obesity related hormones can be controlled by pressing acupressure points. This can help in weight loss. Not only this, acupressure can also relieve obesity by improving several causes of weight gain.

In fact, lack of sleep, anxiety, and stress also lead to obesity.(2) The research clearly says that acupressure can reduce stress by improving sleep quality and brain functioning. On the basis of these reasons, acupressure can be helpful in weight loss.

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Acupressure Points For Weight Loss or Belly Fat Loss.

In order to reduce any problem and stay healthy, medicinal treatments as well as complementary treatments can be used. Acupressure is also a similar complimentary therapy. Just note that both acupressure and acupuncture are different things.

Acupuncture is done by a specialist with the help of needle and acupressure can be done by itself. Simply, acupressure is also a type of acupuncture. Now lets see which acupressure points can help in weight loss or belly fat loss.

1. Ear Acupressure Points for Weight Loss – Auricular Point.

Pressing the acupressure point near the ears can also lead to weight loss. This is also mentioned in a research. The study says that seven researches have proved the positive impact of it.

It is further stated that ear acupressure alone can help in losing weight in every way with diet or exercise.(3) Other research says that hunger can be controlled by pressing one point of the ear. This point is located in tragus (outer triangular part of the ear).(4)

Auricular Point

Auricular Point

How To Do?

  • Place one of your fingers at the tragus point.
  • Then press the part with a slight thrust.
  • Now open and close your mouth.
  • After doing this, massage the tragus part in a circular motion for about a minute.
  • Now repeat this process by pressing the point of another ear.
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2. Upper Lip – Renzhong (GV26 or 26 Du).

It is believed that pressing the renzhong (upper lip point) point can help in weight loss. This point is located at The Philtrum. The Philtrum is about half an inch below where the nostrils are found.

Renzhong Point is called the Shuigou spot in Chinese. It is believed that this increases the metabolism rate, which can help in weight loss or belly fat loss. A research also mentions that pressing this point can lead to weight loss.(5)

Renzhong-GV26 or 26 Du
Renzhong-GV26 or 26 Du

How To Do?

  • Place the finger on the middle part of the nose and upper lip.
  • Now press this renzhong point.
  • You can press this point by rotating the finger in a circular motion for about two to three minutes.

3. Inner Ankles – Sanyinjiao (SP6).

Weight loss can also be done by pressing a few points of the inner ankle. According to a research related to weight loss proved that acupressure as well as dietary changes can help in weight loss.(6)

The research proved that by pressing this point you can get relax after exercise and it also relieve fatigue as well as improve the results of the exercise.(7) This sanyinjiao point is located about 3 inches above the inner ankle bone.

Inner Ankles – Sanyinjiao (SP6) Acupressure Points for Weight Loss
Inner Ankles – Sanyinjiao (SP6)

How To Do?

  • Place two fingers at this point.
  • Then press the part well.
  • Now massage that point in a circular motion for two to three minutes.
  • Thereafter press the point of another ankles.
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4. Below the Knee – Zusanli (ST36). 

This point called zusanli is located at below the knee. This point is also known as ST36. According to a research conducted by NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information), this acupoint can effectively help in weight loss by suppressing appetite.

According to another research, zusanali can help in weight loss by increasing the production of adiponectin. Adiponectin is a type of protein hormone which is considered helpful in controlling weight gain.

Below the Knee – Zusanli (ST36) Acupressure Points for Weight Loss
Below the Knee – Zusanli (ST36)

How To Do?

  • Place your two fingers at the zusanli point.
  • Now press that point with both fingers.
  • For about 2 to 3 minutes massage that point in a circular motion.
  • Now repeat this process on another knee.

5. Above The Navel – Zhongwan (CV 12).

This acupressure point is also beneficial for weight loss. A research also includes the name of zhongwan in acupressure point to lose weight. This pressure point is about four inches above the navel. Another research says that pressing the zhongwan as well as other acupressure points can reduce waist and belly fat.(8)

Above The Navel – Zhongwan (CV 12) Acupressure Points for Weight Loss
Above The Navel – Zhongwan (CV 12)

How To Do?

  • Place your two fingers at zhongwan Point.
  • Then press the part with a slight thrust.
  • After doing this, massage the part in circular motion for two minutes.
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Side Effects of Acupressure.

Excessive use or consumption of anything is believed to have a negative effect on the body. Similarly, acupressure can have side effects, but it can be easily avoided. So, take care of the following;

  • Putting pressure on the wrong acupressure points can lead to other problems.
  • Excessive pressure can increase the possibility of fractures.
  • According to health experts, acupressure should not be done during pregnancy.
  • If the disease is chronic, consult your doctor before taking acupressure therapy.
  • Acupressure should not be done when the body is inflamed, hurt or injured.
  • According to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), taking acupressure therapy even after food, alcohol or drug abuse has a negative impact on the body.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How long does acupuncture take to see the results?

The results of acupuncture depends on how much weight a person has to lose and what he or she is incorporating everything into his or her routine with acupuncture. The results can be seen in about 2-3 months.

2. Can acupuncture help in reducing belly fat?

Yes, acupuncture can effectively reduce belly fat. However a strict diet and exercise routine is also important for the same.

3. What names are included in Acupressure Point to lose weight?

Acupressure points are effective for weight loss. This includes number of acupressure points including ear acupressure, ankle (Sanyinjiao) and navel top (Zhongwan).

4. How effective is acupressure for weight loss?

Research suggests that acupressure is very effective for weight loss. However, you must improve you lifestyle along with proper diet to achieve an effective result.

Bottom Line.

You must have understood how much acupressure helps in losing weight or belly fat. Before pressing these points, identify these points by following at the above photos correctly, as acupressure will benefit only when the correct point is pressed.

We would also suggest not to rely solely on acupressure to lose weight. Physical activities, exercise and a balanced diet are also essential to control weight and to lose belly fat.

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