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Amazing Health Benefits and Side Effects of Cardamom Oil

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We all know cardamom is one kind of spice which is being used for taste in curries and sweet dishes. But, do you know that cardamom oil have several health benefits.

Cardamom oil is used to treat problems related to liver and gallbladder and also effective to treat heart, intestinal cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, bowel gas, constipation, loss of appetite and other conditions.

Health Benefits of Cardamom Oil.

Cardamom oil is used for several treatment, control, prevention and improvement in the following conditions and symptoms;


Before using this medicine or oil, you should consult with your doctor along with the information about your current medications, undirected products (e.g.,  vitamins and herbal supplements etc), allergies, pre-existing diseases and current health conditions (e.g.,  pregnancy, upcoming surgeries etc), Some health conditions can make you more sensitive to the side effects of this drug.

Consume medicine according to your doctor’s instruction or follow the instructions printed on the product. The dosage will be based on your health condition. Meet with your doctor if there is no improvement in your health conditions or if your condition becomes worse. Important consultation points are listed below;

  • Pregnancy.
  • Lactation.
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Cardamom Oil Interaction with Others.

You may use cardamom oil at the same time while you are using other drugs or undirected products. However, it may increase the risk of side effects or may decrease the effectiveness of your medicines. Consult with your doctor about all the medications, vitamins and herbal supplements you are using, so that your doctor can help you to avoid the interconnected effects of the drug. In fact, the following drugs and products can be used to interact with:

  • Anti platelet drugs.
  • Anticoagulants.
  • Antidepressants.
  • Aspirin.
  • Gallstone medicines.
  • HIV drugs.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome medicines.
  • Liver medicines.

Other Health Benefits of Cardamom Oil.

The several other health benefits of cardamom oil are as follows:

  • Good For Healthy Heart.
  • Control Blood Pressure.
  • Effective In Anxiety.
  • Prevent Infection.
  • Prevent Hiccups.
  • Reduce the Risk of Cancer.
  • Control Diabetes.
  • Good for Oral Health.
  • Boost Memory.
  • Detoxification.
  • Digestive Health.
  • Useful for Hair.

Good For Healthy Heart.


Cardamoms are rich in antioxidant properties. This quality promotes cardiovascular health. It is also effective to reduce cholesterol levels. It can also prove beneficial for patients suffering from ischemic heart disease.(1)

In a research published on NCBI, mentioned that cardamom work more effectively on metabolic syndrome due to anti-hypertensive properties.(2) Based on these facts, it is proved that cardamom is effective to maintain a healthy heart.

Control Blood Pressure.

Blood Pressure

Cardamom helps to eradicate the problem of high blood pressure. This has been proved by the Research Department of RNT Medical College, Udaipur. The research acknowledged that small cardamom can reduce the pressure in both systolic and diastolic conditions.(3) Therefore, it can be said that cardamom is effective to control blood pressure.

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Effective in Anxiety.

It is proved that cardamom is effective in the problem of anxiety. A research published on the NCBI related to small cardamom, found that, it can help to reduce anxiety and stress.(4) However, further research is still under process.

Prevent Infection.

A study on medicinal properties of cardamom makes it clear that, it can prevent skin and body infections. Research has shown cardamom has antimicrobial properties.(5),(6) This quality of cardamom, especially staphylococcus aureus, has the ability to fight against bacteria.

Prevent Hiccups.

It has found to be very helpful in hiccups. Cardamom powder helps to prevent hiccups along with other health problems.(7)

Reduce The Risk of Cancer.

cancer cells
Cancer Cells

Due to the medicinal properties of cardamom, it can be used domestically to prevent cancer. A research conducted by Saudi Arabia’s G Hale University confirms this. In fact, the research conducted on mice on skin cancer found that green cardamom has chemo preventive properties.(8)

On this basis, it can be said green cardamom can be very helpful to reduce the risk of cancer to some extent. Nevertheless, it is advised that, cancer is a deadly disease and medical treatment should be your utmost importance.

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Control Diabetes.

diabetes insulin

According to a research conducted by the BMC Complimentary Medicine and therapies, it is really effective to control diabetes. Research has proved that it consist antioxidant properties, which can help to increase the activity of insulin, which is effective to reduce blood sugar.

Good for Oral Health.

According to Dental Research Journal, it is proved to be very effective for oral health. Oil of cardamom seeds have an antiseptic (bacteria-destroying) effect. Due to this effect, cardamom seed oil can help to eliminate the smell-causing bacteria in the mouth. It can also provide relief in oral infections. Therefor, it can be said say that, a small cardamoms can effective to maintaining oral health.(9)

Boost Memory.

Cardamom is also effective to boost memory. In fact, according to a study published on the NCBI website, it is proved that, the medicinal properties of cardamom is effective to boost memory power.(10) It can be used in tea or in other food item. It is believed that a pinch of cardamom has the potential to give better results. However, more research in this regard is still on progress.

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Cardamom can also prove to be very effective for removing toxic and harmful substances present in the body. According to the experts, cardamom has the ability to promote the natural action of eradicating impurities present in the body with water. Because of this capacity, green and large cardamom can help to keep the body free from toxic substances.(11)

Digestive Health.

Digestive System

According to the several researches related to the medicinal properties of cardamom confirms that, it is effective to cure digestive disorder. In a research, it is mentioned that, the properties of small cardamom include anti-inflammatory effects, which provide relief from digestive disorders. However, anti-ulcerogenic effects also found in cardamom. The property of large cardamom can also provide relieve from gastrointestinal disorders.(12)

It is believed that cardamom has stomachic (promoting appetite and improving digestion) properties. Based on these facts, it can be assumed that it is good for digestive health.(13)

Useful for Hair.


There is a slight confusion about the usefulness of cardamom for hair. It is possible that it can also effective for hair. In fact, a research conducted on mice proved that, it is effective to disrupt hair.(14) In a research related to breast cancer, cardamom is described as beneficial for body, skin and hair.(15) However, it required more research regarding the benefits of cardamom in respect of hair.

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Side Effects.

The following is a list of possible side effects that may occur from cardamom oil. It is not a comprehensive list. These side effects are possible, but not always. Some side effects can be rare, but serious. However, if you are diagnosed with any of the following side effects, you must consult with your doctor;

  • Gallbladder stones can occur due to excessive consumption.

You must contact your doctor for medical advice, if you discover any other side effects that are not listed above.

Bottom Line.

Therefore, it can be said cardamom as well as its oil has lots of health benefits. However, you must focus on consumption and side effects. Excessive intake can cause several side effects, which may hamper your health. It is advised to consult your doctor before consumption, as doctor gives you right suggestion depends upon your health condition.

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