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What Are The Mysteries Behind Healthy Eating Habits?

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Quality of life not only depends upon the way of living but somewhere it also depends upon our daily routine and habits. It is mostly corelated with the consequence of life, so one of them is healthy eating habits. Approximately 70 %  of our body transformation and health is depends upon our daily meal plan and nutrition consist in it.

Hence, it is too important to maintain a proper healthy eating habits for a healthy and prosperous life. So, today we will reveal some mysteries behind healthy eating habits, which will turn your life on a right track.

Mysteries Behind Healthy Eating Habits.

  • Do Not Over Eat
  • Eat in a peaceful and joyous mood
  • Do not eat too many varieties of foods
  • Chew your food thoroughly
  • Sit in proper posture while eating.
  • Try to rest after meals and keep your right nostril open
  • Avoid eating between meals
  • Do not eat too late at night, to close to bedtime
  • Drink plenty of water everyday
  • Do not eat very hot or very cold foods
  • Take plenty of fresh air and exercise
  • Do “half-Bath” before every meal
  • Do “utkśepa mudra” every morning to avoid constipation
  • Try to eat food cooked by sentient people

Do Not Over Eat.

Doctors repeatedly warn us not to overeat, because overeating put unnecessary stresses on the entire digestive system and prevent proper digestion of the food. Then the half-digested food forms a putrid, decaying mass in the body and poisons our blood stream, and ultimately weakens the entire system.

According to yogic science, no matter how healthy or pure a food is, when an excess is consumed it automatically becomes of the “static” type, crucifying to the body and mind. Thereby, yogis have always suggested to fill the stomach ½ with food, ¼ with water, and ¼ with air.

Eat with Peaceful and Joyous Mood.

Actually, how you eat is as important as what you eat. If you eat with a mind full of tiredness, hurriedly, disturbed or unhappiness, your food will not digested properly and all its nutrients will be wasted. When the mind is upset, the entire body becomes upset as well. During the state of anger the stomachs an individual became swollen, rigid and red with no pliability or natural peristaltic motion.

Obviously digestion is became more complicated in such a state of mind and body. However, this undigested food produces very harmful acids and toxins in our body, so it would have been better not to have eaten at all.

For this reason you should try to eat as much as possible in a peaceful mood, in serene and happy surroundings; avoid noisy and unpleasant restaurants.

It is advisable to pause in silence for a moment before eating, to calm the mind and remember that the food is actually, in its essence, pure consciousness. Then eat with others in a joyous atmosphere and remember- laughter aids digestion!

eating habits
Healthy Eating Habits
Do Not Eat Too Many Varieties of Foods.

Forcing the digestive system to digest various types of foods also strains and weakens it. For this reason, it is advisable to eat no more than four different food at one meal. Try to keep your meals as simple as possible, and avoid eating too much spicy food.

Chew Your Food Thoroughly.

Chew especially starches like rice, bread, noodles, etc whose digestion actually starts in the mouth, where the saliva must mix thoroughly with it to prepare it for the stomach. So, chew carefully; do not bolt your food hurriedly down to your throat, or it will pass undigested into the stomach and release toxins which will weaken the entire digestive system.

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Sit in Proper Posture While Eating.

Sit with your back straight, so the energy can flow freely along the spine and there is no pressure on the digestive organs. Actually the best posture for digestion is sitting cross-legged; in India where people have traditionally eaten in this posture for centuries, it is called “bhojanasana” or “food posture”. Never eat or drink standing up.

Try to Rest After Meals and Keep Your Right Nostril Open.

Do not involve in any strenuous mental or physical activity after meals. At this time, all the body’s energy and blood is needed in the digestive organs; and directing it to the muscles for physical labour or to the brain for concentrated thought will help to reduce one’s mental and physical efficiency and also impairs digestion.

There are two main subtle energy channels in the body; which weave around the spinal column and end in each nostril. When the breath is flowing predominantly via the left nostril, the human body remains cool, calm, subtle, spiritual energy is flowing through the body and the mind is elevated to a subtler; which is more spiritual state of consciousness. This is the most conductive time to profound thought and medication.

When the breath is flowing predominantly through the right nostril, the body became more heated and the mind and body are prepared for physical activity in the material world. Because the body require heat for digestion. So, the right nostril should always be open during and after meals.

If during the mealtime the right nostril is closed and the left one open, it is better not to take solid, heavy foods because they will be more difficult to digest; so it is better to take liquid and light foods at these times. After a meal, to keep the breath flowing through the right nostril, it is advisable to lay on your left side. This automatically open the right nostril.

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Avoid Eating Between the Meals.

It takes about four hours for the food to leave your stomach and for the digestive juices to accumulate again; ready to digest the next meal. If you eat many times a day, the digestive juices never have a chance to accumulate to their strength, and then these weakened juices cannot digest the food properly. Thus, it is best to eat only when you are really hungry and not more than four times a day.

Do Not Eat Too Late at Night, to Close to Bedtime.

It is one of the major eating habits to live a healthy life. It is best to eat about 1 to 11/2 hours before bedtime, otherwise the heat of digestion will produce gases which will affect the brain; and cause many disturbing dreams. Walking in the open air before retiring will help to digest the food and relax you before sleep. If you are facing trouble to sleep at night, it is suggested to drink a glass of warm milk before bed.

Drink Plenty of Water Everyday.

Water is a natural cleanser which keeps the body pure and free from poisons and waste. A healthy person should drink about three to four liters of water or other liquids a day. A diseased person, especially one with skin disease, should drink four to five liters.

Drink a little bit at a time, a ½ glass or a glass, many times a day, but not too much with meals. Otherwise the digestive juices will be too diluted and digestion impaired. Add a lemon and salt (or honey) with the water you drink.

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Do Not Eat Too Hot or Too Cold Foods.

Too hot meal will overheat the entire body and interfere the action of the digestive enzymes, as many of them can function only within a limited range of temperature. They may damage the mucous membranes which line the digestive tract as well. So, let the food cool a little before eating.

On the other hand, too cold foods and beverages, constrict the intestinal canal, making digestion more difficult, and also harmfully affect the throat. Several cold foods or drinks may constrict the delicate respiratory tubes which leading from the nose into the lungs, making them more sensitive. Sometimes the shock of cold drinks can trigger an attack of asthma or other cold allergies.

Take Plenty of Fresh Air and Exercise.

The body needs exercise to stimulate and strengthen the digestive organs and facilitate digestion, and the fires of digestion need plenty of oxygen “fuel”. If your body is sluggish and lazy, your digestion and overall health will suffer. One of the best cures for constipation is plenty of exercise. You can at least go for a walk every day in the open air.

Do “Half-Bath” Before Every Meal.

The body produces heat during and after meals, so you should cool the body before eating. So, you should take “half-bath” before each meal with the following way ;

  1. Pour cool water on the genital area.
  2. On the legs from the knees down.
  3. On the arms from the elbows down.
  4. Holding water in the mouth, splash water on the open eyes, at least 12 times.
  5. “Drink” water through the nostrils and spit it out the mouth, 3 times.
  6. Wash the ears with the forefingers, and behind the ears.
  7. Wash behind the neck.

This practice also calms the heart, and is very relaxing to the mind and body. If practiced regularly, it is excellent for overall health.

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Do “Utkśepa Mudra” Every Morning to Avoid Constipation.

Constipation and weak digestion are actually the root causes of several diseases. To keep the digestive system clean and clear, do the shown yoga every morning, before getting up from bed.

While lying down, slowly inhale and bend your legs and press your knees up firmly against your chest, and hold your breath in this position for a few moments. Then vigorously straighten the legs again, while exhaling. Repeat 4 times. This exercise stimulates the peristaltic motion of the digestive system, which has become slow and sluggish during sleep and thus prevents constipation.


Then rise briskly from bed, and immediately drink a glass of water, or lemon with a little honey or salt. Doctors have found that drinking liquid on an empty stomach immediately after waking up quickly washes wastes out of the system and promotes digestion. Drink water carefully without touching the water to your teeth as it would wash back into your stomach all the toxins which have collected overnight on your teeth.

Then, uncovering the navel, walk about the room for about five minutes, with the navel are uncovered. This vitalizes and strengthens the navel are which controls heat and digestion, by exposing it to the fresh morning area.

Try to Eat Food Cooked by Sentient People.

Not only does the state of your own mind and environment affect your food and its digestion; but also the way it is cooked. Everyone who touches your food leaves the invisible imprint of their vibration on it, and the more sensitive you are, the more it will affect you.

Try to eat foods cooked by pure and loving people, and when you are preparing food for other, keep your own thoughts happy and pure and sing elevating songs while you cook!

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Which statement best describes a lifestyle with healthy eating habits?

The best statement that describes a lifestyle with a healthy eating habits is to follow what your dietitian says and eat a healthy balanced diet.

Bottom Line.

So, those are the vital point which you should keep in mind while you eat in your entire day. You may face some minor complications at the early stage to follow those rules; but after each practice it would be a habit for your healthy living.

Note down those above mentioned healthy eating habits in your diary today and live a healthy life.

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